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Wagner Flexio 570 vs the Flexio 590 – Which is Best for You?

Wagner is arguably one of the top brands out there when it comes to home paint sprayer. And right now, some of their most popular models are the Wagner Flexio 570 & the Flexio 590.

These are both great sprayers that you can use for small and medium home painting projects, and they do share a lot of similarities.

Both of these sprayers are equipped with X-Boost technology, they both have the iSpray nozzle, and they also share very similar designs. These are all top-notch features, especially for paint sprayers in this price range.

But having all these similarities can make distinguishing between the two pretty difficult.

Luckily, those similarities also come with a couple of differences. And these small differences can be the deciding factor as to which paint sprayer would be right for you.

So if you’ve been having trouble choosing between the two, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we put the Flexio 570 up versus the Flexio 590 in this head to head comparison. Keep reading to learn more.
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Pros & Cons Of Each Sprayer

The Flexio 570

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  • Comes with X-Boost technology and an iSpray nozzle
  • Affordable
  • Has two different speed settings
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Can be prone to clogging
  • Paints slower than the Flexio 590

The Flexio 590

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  • Paints faster than the Flexio 570
  • Comes with two different nozzles
  • Equipped with X-Boost technology and iSpray nozzle
  • Is all in all a better sprayer than the Flexio 570


  • Tends to clog up
  • Costs more than the Flexio 570

What Features Do These Two Sprayers Share?

Before we take a look at what makes these two HVLP airless paint sprayers different, we first have to look at the shared features.

X-Boost Technology

This is one of the premier features that you’ll find in Wagner Paint Sprayers. This technology refers to the X-Booster turbine that is the working force behind both of these models.

This is a strong turbine, and it can help you get your DIY paint-jobs done much quicker than if you were to use a brush.

This turbine spins at over 65,000 RPM, which is over 3x the power you’ll find on other sprayers in this range.

This allows you to use dense and thick materials when painting, and can also save you time as having to over thin paints can lead to you having to apply\ more coats than necessary.

iSpray Nozzle

The nozzle that comes with these sprayers is another signature feature from Wagner. It allows the sprayer to have more airflow than other standard sprayers in its price range. This gives you much more control and can also give you more output.

This means you can spray more paint at a time which can come in handy when you’re doing larger surfaces such as ceilings and walls.

It also gives you the option to choose between vertical or horizontal spray patterns, which is another factor in getting that professional-looking finish.

What Are The Differences Between These Two Sprayers?

Now it’s time to take a look at what makes these two models different. And while the differences might be subtle, they could be all you need to help choose between the two.

Painting Speed

Hands down, the Flexio 590 is the faster sprayer. It can spray up to 8 gallons of paint an hour, while the Flexio 570 sprays up to 7.2 gallons per hour.

On paper, this doesn’t seem like too much of a difference, but it can be a huge deal when you’re painting large projects like rooms, ceilings, or sheds.

Both of these paint sprayers are much faster options than painting with a brush. A job that would take 24-hours with a brush would only take a couple of hours with either of these sprayers.

That being said, one hour of painting with the Flexio 570 will give you the same result as painting for 45-minutes with the Flexio 590.

The difference isn’t too big, but in the grander scheme of things, you’ll be saving much more time with the Flexio 590.

Control Options

The Flexio 570 is great for beginners. You have two different settings on this sprayer, which is fast and slow. You can use the faster setting when you’re starting and doing large surfaces, but when you’re doing details and painting smaller surfaces, the slower setting will help you out much more.

On the other hand, the Flexio 590 can give you up to 10 different speed settings. This gives you way more control and can open up a bunch of options when it comes to painting projects.

This will allow you to have more control of the paint output, spray different materials, and even get a more professional looking finish.

Extra Nozzle

As mentioned earlier, the Flexio 570 only comes with the iSpray nozzle. This is a great nozzle and can offer you a whole range of benefits when you’re painting.

And while that is great, the Flexio 590 does one better by adding another nozzle to the package.

So aside from getting the iSpray nozzle, if you get the Wagner Flexio 590 you can also have a fine finish nozzle. In simpler terms, this is simply a smaller nozzle that you can attach to have even more control of the sprayer.

This is best when you’re working small spaces and need to pay close attention to the details. All in all, giving you more range when it comes to what can be done with the sprayer.


While the 590 model seems to have outclassed the Flexio 570 in a lot of categories, it is also the more expensive option out of the two. The higher price is more than justified, as it’s a faster sprayer, is of higher quality, and can get more jobs done.

However, if you’re looking to save some cash and are willing to compromise for it, the 570 is a great option. It is still strong, fast, and easy to use, and it comes in a cheaper package than the 570.

Conclusion – Which Is Better?

Hands down, the Wagner Flexio 590 is the better option. It paints faster, offers a wider range of control, and comes with a fine finish nozzle. It’s great for both beginners and those who are experienced with paint sprayers alike.

A great pick to help you do just about any small and medium paint projects you can think of.

But if you’re looking to save some money, you can also settle for the Flexio 570. It doesn’t offer as many features and the controls are a bit limited, but this paint sprayer has a lot of value for its price.

Whichever you choose, as long the sprayer can accomplish your personal needs, then no one can tell you that you don’t have the perfect paint sprayer for you!