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Top 10 Best Plasti Dip Paint Sprayer – All You Should Know!

Tips and Guides on how to choose the Best plasti dip paint sprayer- Reviews in 2022

Suppose you are a frequent user of technical products. In that case, you are sure to come across Plasti Dip sometimes on the market, one of the most popular alternatives for the old-fashioned spraying and vehicle customization.

Want to breathe a new life into your beloved car? So why not consider a best plasti dip paint sprayer? It might as well be your ideal solution.

Without a doubt, as the Plasti Dip is a high-density specialty rubber coating and requires a lot of time and effort to finish by hand, the plasti dip paint spray gun will be of great help, allowing users to get their painting projects done with ease and comfort and in a significantly shorter time.

However, the overwhelming variety of plasti dip sprayer guns on the market may drive you crazy when choosing a suitable one. That’s where we are here to give you a helping hand. Keep reading our article to wisely pick a quality and affordable spray gun!

Pros And Cons Of  The Best plasti dip paint sprayer

Why is a plasti dip paint sprayer with a comfortable and rust-resistant handle and sheen finishes such a brilliant idea for making durable Plasti Dip? Here are some benefits and drawbacks that you should know about a plasti dip sprayer gun:

Pros: Plasti dip sprayer

A spray painter has increasingly gained popularity as one of the most favorite and versatile painting kits. Besides, a paint gun for Plasti Dip also gains love and trust from users worldwide thanks to its highly efficient operation compared to other traditional techniques.

With a plasti dip paint sprayer, you can easily give your car new and attractive coverage with a durable and rust-resistant finish, withstanding any harsh external factor.

You can quickly and conveniently deal with different surfaces with shorter paint drying time, thanks to the adjustable paint droplet pattern sizes. You will never have to worry about the heavy rain after dipping your car.

Besides, while brushes or rollers require great care and precision to avoid leaving any uneven patch, a plasti dip sprayer gun can chase that headache away, as it can offer users an accurate finish with minimal effort. Such an even finish that comes close to a professional painter’s level.

Cons: Sprayer for plasti

Despite the wonderful benefits, a spray gun might have some inevitable issues. The first complaint is that a dip sprayer can consume more paint than other traditional methods due to the higher chance of accidental overspray.

Besides, the clean-up step is quite discouraging when it comes to owning Great Plasti Dip spray gun. It is vital that you clean and remove any remaining paint in and on your sprayer before starting a new paint color, or else you will risk spoiling your vehicle.

Another common concern about a plasti dip paint sprayer is the price. Compared to rollers or brushes, Plasti Dip sprayers come at a considerable higher price.

Some products might require the help of an air compressor, boosting the price even further. For this reason, users must consider their budget and dipping purposes to save valuable time and money before buying.


Top 10 Best plasti dip paint sprayer

#1. Wagner Spraytech 0529031 Black MotoCoat – Best plasti dip paint sprayer

Wagner Spraytech Spray Gun

The first and the best plasti dip paint sprayer we want to introduce to you is the Wagner Spraytech 052931, a brilliant choice for both beginners and professionals. This Wagner Motocoat spray gun comes with two different nozzles.

While the iSpray one is perfect for thicker materials and can spray wider, the Detail Finish nozzle gives the surface a smoother finish; those two are sure helpful to satisfy any painting demand.

What is particularly attractive about the Wagner spray gun for Plasti Dip is the X-Boost turbine, generating great power and atomization without the help of an air compressor. Therefore, you only need to prepare this plasti dip paint sprayer gun and paint for your painting journey.

However, one drawback is at the last step: clean-up. While this best plasti dip paint sprayer is easy to use, cleaning after use is rather a challenge.


  • Has X-Boost turbine
  • Adjustable settings
  • Versatile


  • Hard to clean

#2. DYC DipSprayer System – Best dip spray gun

DYC DipSprayer system is the worldwide first sprayer system specifically designed for rubber dip spray or Plasti Dip, although it can still work well with any other materials.

The DYC plasti dip sprayer focuses on giving users a higher flow pressure to reach farther distances with minimal effort, thanks to incorporating the DipTip add-on.

Most users like this best plasti dip paint sprayer is the quick-connect hose, enabling users to rotate and switch the tool 360 degrees to reach any tight corner.

Besides, the inclusion of needles of all sizes and shapes, two additional needle seals, and a needle removal tool also helps enhance the atomization, thus bringing a smooth and superior finish.

That said, the DYC is specifically manufactured for dipping projects like your car, but not so much for other jobs. In case you need a more versatile sprayer, we advise you to look for other products on this list.


  • Long and adjustable hose
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Even coat


  • Not versatile

#3. Earlex HV3500 Spray Station – Best plasti dip paint sprayer for Large Motor

Undeniably, the Earlex HV3500 is the ideal choice for multiple painting projects, producing fine finishing thanks to its powerful control and great pressure and spray control.

It is super-easy to set up and use as a homeowner spray gun, impressing any user with the two-stage 500W motor and three spray patterns.

Besides, the large motor offers an ideal base to store the flexible hose and power cord. When it comes to spraying patterns, you can easily dip any car’s corner or angle with horizontal, vertical, and round droplets while saving a great deal of time and effort.

Even though the sprayer effectively deals with oil-based and water-based materials, including latex, stains, or automotive finishes, it can easily lead to overspray, wasting a large amount of paint.


  • Powerful
  • Varied spray patterns
  • Easy to use and set up


  • Causes overspray

#4. Plasti Dip Bundle – Best hvlp paint sprayers

Ranked in the 4th place top Best spray gun for Plasti Dip Bundle is an affordable option that most users should not ignore. Including four black Aerosol cans, two Aerosol Glossifier cans, and a CanGun, this is a real bargain.

Moreover, the trigger spray tool provides users a ton of dynamic ranges and control for tricky painting spots while preventing the remaining paint from clogging.

Besides, the Bundle also offers users great control and power to get the work done perfectly. However, the new plasti dip paint sprayer coat is not too durable and might not stand the test of time.


  • Inexpensive
  • Best for beginners
  • Great power


  • Not durable

#5. REXBETI 700 – Best For Versatility

If you are looking for the best plasti dip paint sprayer to fulfill various painting and dipping tasks, why not consider REXBETI 700 as your next purchase?

This versatility is mainly due to the six different nozzles with one pre-stalled nozzle and three adjustable spray patterns, including horizontal, vertical, and circular shapes. Those nozzles and spray patterns are ideal for thin paints, latex paints, chalk type, and milk type paints.

The sprayer is also equipped with an adjustable flow control panel, allowing users to regulate their paint output to suit different painting scales and reduce the chance of overspray.

For those frequently working on large and faraway workspace, the REXBETI 700 is also a brilliant choice, as it is lightweight and compact enough to conveniently carry around.

Nevertheless, this product leaves clogging sometimes, so the clean-up may be time-consuming and laborious.


  • Powerful operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable


  • Gets clogged sometimes

#6. NEU MASTER 600 – Best dip paint spray

Coming at such a low price, NEU MASTER 600 is sure to catch you by surprise with its effective and powerful operation and various spray patterns.

Despite being a low-cost spray gun, compared to other products on the market, the best plasti dip paint sprayer also features three different spray patterns: vertical, horizontal, and circular, each suitable for different dipping purposes and surfaces.

The plasti dip paint sprayer is also designed with a built-in turbofan, effectively regulating and providing strong and even air pressure flow and superior coverage. Overall, the product is worth your try despite its lack of spraying options.


  • Generates great power
  • Low price
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Lack of options

#7. Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Aerosol Spray – Best For Portability

Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Aerosol Spray is a prime product of the SafeWorld International brand, well-known for its lightweight and portability.

The best plasti dip paint sprayer doesn’t require any hose or cord, getting rid of any unnecessary tangle. This design certainly maximizes the gun’s portability.

Spraying often puts great pressure on the shoulders, neck, and back; therefore, comfort is vital to reduce those adverse impacts. This comfort is made possible thanks to a smooth grip, comfortable handle, and a responsive handle system.

Nevertheless, the plastic outer construction is prone to damage and breakage, Can-Gun1’s minor negative point.


  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable


  • Not durable construction

#8. TACKLIFE SGP16AC – Best hvlp spray gun

TACKLIFE SGP16AC is the best plasti dip paint sprayer is a wonderful choice with a powerful 800W motor, suitable for different tasks besides Plasti Dip. It also has great adjustment settings of three spray patterns, material flow, and air pressure, making it ideal for any painting scales.

TACKLIFE is also a stationary sprayer with a separate motor and gun, meaning you don’t have to carry the heavy motor while spraying. The varied spray tips allowing users to select their desired materials freely are another advantage.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable


  • Requires thinning materials beforehand

#9. Von Haus Paint Sprayer – Best Plasti dip paint sprayer for Tight Budget

Von Haus Paint Sprayer is the best plasti dip paint sprayer cheapest option you can come across on the market, yet it proves various outstanding features.

The most favorable feature is a basic flow rate, adjusting between a gentle and more powerful coating. This rate allows users to select desired patterns and spray width to get your job done at the nick of time.

The large tank will satisfy your need for completing your dipping project, saving you from several refilling times. Nevertheless, the product doesn’t offer many spraying options, which is a pity.


  • Effective flow rate
  • Large tank
  • Cheap


  • Fewer spraying options

#10. DipSprayer Spray Gun – Best For Compact Design

The last product on our list is the best plasti dip paint sprayer, one of the best choices for those struggling with tight corners and limited space.

Compared to other products of the same type, the DipSprayer has a compact design, dealing with the headache about hard-to-reach corners while still generating more pressure to spray extensive areas.

Besides, the paint container is another plus point as it is large enough to hold an adequate amount of Plasti Dip without requiring various refilling times.

The only complaint about the plasti dip sprayer is its entire heavy unit, which can have a toll on your back, neck, and shoulders.


  • Compact design
  • Large container
  • Maneuverable


  • Heavy unit

Best plasti dip paint sprayer -Buying Guide

We bet that the wide variety of Plasti Dip sprayers on the market can easily drive you crazy when seeking the best player for Plasti Dip. If you are still puzzled over which one to purchase, here are some factors that you should consider:

Pressure regulator

A pressure regulator is the most crucial part of a plasti dip paint sprayer, allowing users to adjust the pressure control and switch the pressure level to their desired coated surface.

Undoubtedly, in larger space areas, spraying is not a big issue; however, tight corners or odd angles will need adjustments to be well-coated.

The pressure control knob also regulates the amount of dip spray, both thinned and unthinned plasti dip sprayer versions, and the power needed to get the job well done. Overall, if the product doesn’t come with a pressure regulator, you should have a second thought before purchasing.

The size of the Plasti Dip container

There is no doubt that a larger container is always better and more effective than a smaller one when it comes to sizing. This is mainly because using a large container reduces the time and effort needed to refill the Best Spray Gun For Plasti Dip.


No matter which dipping projects you are working on, it is surely better to own a multi-tasking and versatile spray gun. This product should have the capacity of fulfilling any task other than only dipping your cars.

For example, your plasti dip paint sprayer should be effective in renovating your house as well. In this way, you will likely save a great deal of money for having a superior product.

Overall weight

If you are a professional or a frequent user of the best plasti dip paint sprayer, the chances are you will use the product for an extended period and hold it for hours. In this case, a heavy and bulky dip paint gun is sure to leave a toll on your back, neck, and shoulders.

Therefore, to reduce the adverse impacts on your long-term health, it is recommended to choose a spray gun weighing under 4lbs.

Plus, there will be nothing more frustrating than failing to reach tight corners due to the bulky sprayer. For this reason, it is vital to choose a maneuverable product by checking the overall weight before buying.

Sprayer types

Before purchasing a product, you should know what type of projects you will be working on. Each type of sprayers are suitable for a specific dipping and painting job.

For example, some sprayers can work effectively on cars, while others are good for woodworking. Therefore, do know your projects before settling on an airless paint sprayer, HVLP, or an air compressed one.

FAQs:best plasti dip paint sprayer

1. How long can Plasti Dip last when applied by a spray gun?

Plasti Dip can normally last up to three years, but various factors can affect this time duration. The first factor is your applying technique. If you fail to adhere to the dipping instructions and take precautions, you will immediately reduce the Plasti Dip coating’s durability.

Other possible factors that you should consider is the number of layers and the temperature. The more, the better, so with a multi-coat, your car can easily withstand the harsher conditions and last longer.

2. Can I spray Plasti Dip with a High-Volume Low-Pressure gun?

In general, Plasti Dip and a spray gun are an unprecedentedly excellent combination, helping users get their work done in minimal time and with the least effort..

When it comes to HVLP sprayers, they are one of the most commonly used the best plasti dip paint sprayer. They offer users a fast yet effective operation while requiring not too much pressure and absolutely no air compressor.

The finish quality is undebatable, as HVLP guns ensure a superior and even finish without any uneven patch. Overall, an HVLP plasti dip paint sprayer will be a brilliant choice for all users, especially when money is no object as they are slightly more expensive.

3. What is Plasti Dip?

A car lover should never miss out on Plasti Dip, an air-dry, specialty rubber coating. This coating is originally peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, and durable. It can protect your vehicle from external factors like dust, moisture, acids, corrosion, or weather extremes.

Besides, while the rubber coating proves to be durable and protective, it can still be easily peeled and removed when users have grown out of this color.

With a wide range of plasti dip paint sprayer colors on the market, users are free to frequently spice up their car’s appearance and maintain the surface with an effective cleaning solution or a safe dip primer.

4. How many layers of the best plasti dip paint sprayer should I apply?

When it comes to Plasti Dip, the more, the better. To clarify this point, not only does Plasti Dipping give your coated surfaces a new and attractive look, but it also plays a vital role as a protective coating from harmful external factors.

Plus, your vehicles might have to go through harsh conditions like heavy rain, storms, or blazing sun, which can easily damage and worsen their colors and appearances. Therefore, you should apply more layers to create an effective multi Plasti Dip coating.

5. What are the tips for using a Plasti Dip spray gun?

Choosing a suitable the best plasti dip paint sprayer and dipping your surfaces are two challenging tasks for any user. However, the dipping work will be as easy as pie if you follow our dipping tips. The first tip is proper and careful preparation.

Before getting your hands dirty with your Plasti Dip spraying project, don’t forget to remove all the remaining debris and original paint with a dim primer and wash the surface carefully with mineral spirits.

After dipping and letting the surface dry out completely, please keep it clean and fresh with the frequent washes with warm soapy water.

Besides, it is not always an awful idea to reapply Plasti Dip as long as the older coating is still in good condition. However, if this layer is uneven and shows visible defects, it is time you removed the old one and renewed it.

Customer Feedback

Best plasti dip paint sprayer is such an excellent painting tool that deserves all the positive feedback. According to user experiences, Plasti Dip spray guns are effective and perfect, offering quick and sheen finishes without any unwanted visible spots.

Besides, compared to other traditional dipping methods, a spray gun can effectively deal with thicker materials, making the work much easier.

However, nothing is infallible, and plasti dip sprayer gun are no exception. There are some inevitable problems that users should not ignore. The first complaint is the high initial cost, which is, regardless, a one-time investment.

Moreover, some guns require an add-on air compressor, requiring more than just the spray gun’s cost. The clean-up step is another issue when you have to carefully remove the previous color and wash the cup properly to avoid disastrous results next time using it.

The Bottom Line

In short, the best plasti dip paint sprayer must have the ability to deal with various materials from thin to thick, work on a larger surface, and offer a perfectly attractive and smooth coat that can withstand any extreme condition.

Concerning all those requirements, we highly recommend the Wagner Spraytech 0529031 Motocoat Plasti Dip sprayer from our article. It is such an affordable yet high-quality product that you should not miss.

The choice is up to you at the end of the day; therefore, let’s flick through our buying guide once again and consider your budget to choose wisely.

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