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 Is It Better To Paint With A Roller Or Spray Gun?

You always want your house to have a totally great and neat look? Then painting is one of the essential tasks you need to do frequently. Here comes a question”Is it better to paint with a roller or spray gun?”

For some people, a paint sprayer is a better option that can eliminate roller annoyances. On the other hand, a majority of people reckon that the roller will be the best choice in some cases.

So, when should you use a spray, and when would a roller be better? This writing will help you out.

Is It Better To Paint With A Roller Or Spray Gun?

Using a spray gun for large surfaces where do not need high accuracy will be faster. Meanwhile, people often choose a roller to handle inside walls. These ones mean that both have the separating use. You’d better utilize them properly.

Using Roller Paint

For roller paint, you can expect a thick layer of paint and good consistency in color. However, be mindful and skeptical in every step of rolling for a perfect painting surface.

There are many factors to take into consideration before you start painting, such as the time for preparation, cost, and condition of the painting surface. It is a must for you to make the right choice on whether or not to use a certain painting method.



Require Less Masking

You need to cover all the areas where you do not want the paint to destroy while painting. However, while spraying paints requires you to cover a larger space, rolling can limit specific places you do not want the paint to leave marks on.

Best For Painting Interior Walls

Do you only want to cover the wall, not the ceiling? If that is the case, the paint rolling will be a great help as it is quite easy for you to move all over your house’s inner space except for the ceiling. With this method, you do not need to cover film for the ceiling.

 Simple Tools

Using a roller, you only require four suppliers, including a tray for paint and liner, roller, and cover. Besides, you are free to continue the painting project at any time with a roller. This advantage can be seen as the biggest plus point for the paintbrush, which you cannot find in spraying paint.


Spraying will cost you quite an amount of paint when their small paint drop drifts away. On the other hand, rolling allows you to apply every drop of paint on the wall surface.

You will also need more three-time of paint for spraying than rolling on one surface. Also, items for roller are quite cheap compared with the high price to maintain the spraying.

Great Cover For Any Dirty Marks

It is best for you to carefully clean the painting surface beforehand. However, sometimes you cannot clean or do not have enough time to finish that step thoroughly. If that is the case, rolling might save your day.

Specifically, it will allow you to cover any surface even if it is not perfectly clean. With rolling, you can have a thick initial coat that bonds to the wall better. The tiny droplets when spraying might not be enough to connect all the surfaces.

If you notice, you can find that most professional painters need to roll the paint first before spraying on the wall to make sure all droplets are fusing.


  • A great choice for starters: Even people with no painting experience can easily use the roller
  • Can go with extension pole: This lets you reach and have a less strained experience of painting.
  • Minimal maintenance or clean-up
  • More affordable than the other


  • Not suitable for textured surfaces
  • Require more time for large spaces
  • Need to be patient and meticulous
  • It can be messy while using

Using Spray Gun

While rolling offers you some good benefits, the sprayer is also popular for some reasons. Here are some reasons why you might wish to have a paint sprayer:


New And Large Interior Surfaces

It will be all blank canvas at the early stage of remodeling your room, which is easy for applying paint spraying.

In such a case, put the spray asides and mask off a few key parts, including windows, electric box, and plumbing stub-outs. Therefore, spraying will save you a great deal of time.

Best Suitable For Exterior Painting

Exteriors with extensive decking, garages, and mature landscaping that is no need for painting will significantly save your time of preparation on covering the surface. The only thing it requires you to do is to cover your house items.

Deal With Uneven Walls

Sprayers will make any complicated structure become easy to work, including crown molding, deep texture, masonry, dentils, or cornices. To be more specific, you can use sprayers to deal with the narrowest spot with a thin coat layout, which rolling or brushing is unable to offer such great results.


  • Can cover quickly large areas
  • Creates a pristine and smooth finish
  • Work out well for filling the gaps on surfaces
  • Offer great finish on uneven surfaces


  • You must have experiences and skill before using it
  • Requires extensive preparation and masking as sprayers usually have overspray, so you will need to mask and cover the entire space
  • Quite expensive
  • Maintenance and cleaning are required after use

Is It Better To Paint With A Roller Or Spray Gun? – Conclusion

Now you have got your answer to the question of “Is it better to paint with a roller or spray gun?”. Please keep in mind that the method and equipment depend on the task you want to finish, as each tool has its pros and cons.

However, roller might be a better choice as it saves more of your money and can cover any type of dirt. We wish you have a perfect house after taking some time to paint it. Cheers!