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HVLP vs. LVLP: Which Spray Gun is Right for You?

Currently, on the market, we probably see a huge number of spray gun types. They vary in prices, features, functions, performances, and so on.

As a result, it is not easy for the novice in home decor or inexperienced project doers to decide which is the most suitable for their jobs.

Hence, today we would like to share the pros and cons of the two famous types: HVLP Vs LVLP. If you still wonder what LVLP spray gun is or what HVLP stands for, it’s the right time to discover the answer.

And now, let’s find out which one should be the best for you!


The Comparison Of HVLP Vs LVLP Spray Guns

“HVLP” is the abbreviation of “High Volume Low Pressure.” The name indicates this model can generate a high volume output with very low pressure.

On the other hand, “LVLP” stands for “Low Volume Low Pressure.” And therefore, it suits you the most when searching for a premium versatile choice for the next project. The model specializes in its super transfer efficiency.

Now, you may struggle to decide which of these two to use. So, you must understand the distinguishing features as below thoroughly.

Minimal Operating Pressure

As we mentioned earlier, the name of HVLP and LVLP tells almost everything, including the first difference between them: the pressure needed at least to operate the machine.

HVLP vs. LVLP- Which Spray Gun is Right for You2

HVLP and how it works

With a high volume, low-pressure tool like an HVLP gun, a high-quality air compressor is strongly required to make it function properly and effectively.

The majority of HVLP sprayers feature 20CFM operating power and 50PSI to the minimum. So, in most cases, you should equip a tank of 80 gallons.

Things are very different when it comes to the LVLP spray type. This model operates at from 10 to 25 PSI and can perform well as merely 5CFM.

From this, we can see LVLP is more versatile than the HVLP because the former can be accompanied by many types of air compressors available on the market.

Fan Width

Let’s move to the next factor to decide who is the winner in the battle LVLP vs HVLP. Here comes the fan width that directly influences the overall performance and flexibility of the spray tool.

Although both models feature quite nice fan pattern ranges, most HVLP ones will give its users wider fans. And, LVLP is just smaller with its 8-10 inch width. So, the latter will be more suitable for projects applied to small surfaces.

Transfer Efficiency

When comparing HVLP and LVLP to traditional spray guns, the two modern models are incredibly outstanding. If the conventional types feature only about 35% transfer efficiency, LVLP and HVLP can do far more better than these.

HVLP vs. LVLP- Which Spray Gun is Right for You3

Paint roller and paint sprayer

First, let’s talk about our low volume low pressure spray guns! The LVLP model offers up to 80% transfer efficiency, which explains why there is less paint spreading all over the place. This feature can also help you save a big deal of paint!

In terms of efficiency, although the HVLP model is better than many other paint applicators, such as brushes or rollers, it still lags behind LVLP. This model provides a transfer capability of only around 70%.

Convenience Of Use

Welcome to the very last criterion today! And it’s all about the convenience of HVLP and LVLP’s use. The more easily a tool may operate, the more exciting and comfortable users may feel when applying in it to the paint surfaces.

With a long-standing history, the HVLP model has been updated through time and become more and more convenient for use. On the other hand, the LVLP type is quite new on the market and a lot of people may not find it familiar.

A Quick review On HVLP Spray Gun


  • High-quality color offered
  • Material-saving
  • Nice application to metallic items
  • Wider fans


  • Slower than LVLP spray guns
  • Big air compressor needed

A Quick review On LVLP Spray Gun


  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Faster than HVLP spray guns
  • Less pricey


  • Smaller fans

Which One Should You Choose hvlp or lvlp?

We have to say it is not easy at all to choose the right painting spray gun for you. After reading through all reviews, pros and cons features of the two competitors: HVLP Vs LVLP, what do you think?

The right one for you should gather all features that are most suitable for your financial conditions, experience, and personal interests in addition to speed and modern technology.

Both HVLP and LVLP are ideal in many spray painting jobs, and they will be perfect if used in a suitable situation projects.

The HVLP will be a good option if you are a complete starter or inexperienced project doer because it is easy to use with a lower operating speed. On the other hand, to professional users, this model may be less interesting than LVLP. The LVLP paint spray gun offers users high speed, and therefore, it is more material-saving and efficient.

You can always choose the best for you if you know what experiences you have and what you want to do with the tool. After figuring out those matters, defining the right one will not be difficult any longer!


With the battle of LVLP or HVLP today, we hope you have already gained a better insight into these two types. The more you spend time checking their features, the righter your final decision will be.

In the end, if you are a starter looking for a basic, easy spray gun to handle, LVLP is the one to definitely meet your demands. It will not take a lot of your time and effort to master the tool. Good luck!

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