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How To Spray Paint Glass


Spray painting has become extremely popular mainly because of three things: convenience, speed, and accuracy. Spray painting is a mainstay in woodworks, among cabinets, furniture, and the like. 

But can you spray paint glass? The answer is yes. So, if you want to revamp your glass vases and more, sift through this post and read on. 

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Why Is Spray Paint Better For Glass?

Painting glass materials and ware are very challenging when using traditional materials. The reason for this is that it has a very smooth surface, leading to paint drips, peelings, and runs. Using brush or rollers is not very recommended, therefore. 

The slick surface of the glass does not give the paint much to adhere to. As such, paint accumulates, leading to a messy glass painting and bubbles on the surface. This makes spray painting a more convenient material to use for glass. 

What Paint Can Be Used For Spray Painting Glass?

Experts would say that any paint would stick to glass. Thus, if your only objective is to color your glass, any paint would do. The key to making it stick is to clean the glass surface thoroughly and then dry it after. 

Nonetheless, just as there are special paints used for spray painting wood, there are specific paints used for spray painting glass too. The special paints specifically designed for glass would be acrylic, enamel, and oil paint. 

As for high-end paints for glass, you can choose from either of the following: 

  • Chalk paint
  • Faux milk paint
  • Metallic finish paint
  • Matte, satin, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes

How To Spray Paint Your Glass? 

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There are only a few steps to successfully spray paint your glass. Be sure not to skip any of these steps if you intend to spray paint glass one of these days. 

Clean your glass:

This is one of the crucial steps in spray painting glass. First, wash it with water. After this, rinse or wipe it with vinegar for glass cleaner. This is to make sure that all the small dirt and debris are eliminated. 

Also, clean the whole glass even if you only spray painting a few spots. Jars, bottles, and glass plates can be cleaned by soaking. 

Prepare the space:

While you do this, make sure that the glassware is kept somewhere else. Spray painting should be done in a well-ventilated area. Preferably, it must be done the outdoors. Spread newspapers on the floor so that cleaning would be easier after. 

Mix the paint:

To mix the spray paint, shake the spray paint can for a solid two minutes. After that, test the paint on a spare surface or used a newspaper to check if there are paint splotches. This would ensure that the spray finish would be smooth. 

Spray paint the glass:

First, spray the glass with a thin layer of paint. This could act as your primer to save you time. This significantly makes the surface smoother.

Has the first layer dried for at least 15-minutes? When spraying, make sure that you are at least a foot away from the glass piece. Spray in a sweeping motion. 

The thickness of the spray paint must depend on the level of solid finish which you want to have. If you are working on a transparent piece, at least two coatings of spray paint would do.

If you are spraying paint on opaque glass, you would have to coat it with at least four layers of spray paint. 

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Why Would A Spray-Painted Glass Flake And Chip?

This one can be attributed to many reasons. For one, it might be because the spray paint can be not shaken thoroughly.

Another common reason is that you touched the newly painted surface more times than needed. Lastly, the paint you used is oil-based but the painted glass was exposed to water. 

Can You Put Food On A Spray-Painted Glass? 

This is a valid question to ask if you are thinking of spray painting your glassware. You always have to remember that non-toxic paint does not automatically equate to food safety. Thus, it is advisable not to put food on spray-painted glassware. 

Can You Spray Paint Glass Windows?

Yes. If you want a frosted look or an opaque finish to your glass window, you can go for spray paints on glass windows. It would be a less conventional take on revamping glass windows. Nonetheless, glass window film is still a better and easier solution. 

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Final Thoughts

The good thing about spray painting glass is that you can use any type of paint for it. But to have a more desirable turnout, use acrylic, enamel, or oil-based spray paint.

The main trick to a smooth finish of spray-painted glass is the cleaning and drying process. Other than that, just aim for an even and smooth finish.