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How to choose an airless paint sprayer – The most detailed guide

Self-painting can be a fun experience if you have the right tools in your hands.

For example, airless paint sprayers can be a good company in finishing your project clean and tidy.

So, how to choose an airless paint sprayer if this is your first purchase? Continue with us through this article, and you will find out the answer!

How to choose an airless paint sprayer

How to choose an airless paint sprayer?


How to choose an airless paint sprayer?

Are you ready to purchase an airless paint sprayer for your DIY painting project? Before you jump into the hardware store and buy with no clue, check out these must-have criteria in an airless paint sprayer that will benefit your purchasing.


If you look forward to finishing your painting projects as soon as possible, try to look for an airless paint sprayer with massive horsepower.

The higher the number is, the faster your job can be done.

However, robust paint sprayers are not always the best option.

If your project is small, such a big and cranky sprayer can cause you some force and time to manage it.


The coating is the thing you must consider before buying any paint sprayer.

If your project requires a lot of layers, go for the sprayer that has a big spraying tip, which will benefit the spraying process to be faster and resulting in thick coats always.

Refrain from buying sprayers with cheap, small tips.

It can cause you a lot of time and effort to create the layer level as you want.

Project Size

If you want to determine what size of sprayer you use, think about your project first hand.

If you have many things to do with this tool, purchasing a large-horsepower sprayer will save you much time and effort.

However, it would be best if you familiarize yourself with such a tool first as it can jeopardize you once not used correctly.

On the other hand, smaller, lighter projects can be done successfully using a handheld sprayer.

Hose Length

For projects that require distance while painting, such as painting a fence or a door, it’s crucial to consider how long the hose will be.

For long-distance jobs, the hose length must be at least 25 feet long for the job to be done effectively and safely.


The sprayer’s tip is the most crucial element in a spraying gun since it determines how wide the paint pattern can reach and how fast the paint can come out.

Small tips are compatible with small projects for sure.

Otherwise, you should utilize a big tip if your project requires multiple coatings.

Tip extensions can also be an excellent choice whenever you have trouble painting in corners and ceilings.

Power Sources

An airless paint sprayer can work due to the power of gas, electric, or pneumatic.

Check the kinds of power you can use around your working area to buy the most compatible gun to make the painting process more straightforward.


And that’s all our tips on how to choose an airless paint sprayer.

If you get all of that above information clear, you will have no trouble buying a perfect spraying gun for your project.

We will see you again in the next article of airless paint sprayer.

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