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How much does a good paint gun cost?

On the market, paint spray guns will have different prices. That’s the reason this paint spray gun can be twice or even 3 times more expensive than another spray gun. 

How much is a good paint gun? What is the difference and how to evaluate them? This article below will help you better understand the price of popular paint guns today.

How Much Does A Good Paint Gun Cost?

Determining how much a reasonable paintball gun costs is difficult. A good paint gun and its price depends a lot on different factors.

However, in this article, I will help you evaluate the three most popular paintball styles on the market today:

  • Budget class paint guns
  • Economy class paint guns
  • Premium class paint guns

This review will cover its price, pros, cons and intended use.

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Budget Class Paint Guns

The affordable paint spray gun has a fairly low price and is suitable for those who want to spray paint. However, it will not be able to bring the best results as you expect.


These budget class spray guns has a low price


These budget class spray guns are usually priced from $10 to $30. This is a low price to be able to own a paint spray gun.

At this price, you can spray paint with simple requirements. Its effectiveness will be less than a paint sprayer at a higher level. However, it is entirely reasonable for the price you pay.

Pros of budget class paint guns

  • The first advantage of this popular gun is its low price. Anyone can easily buy and use them.
  • Can finish well superficial paint layers that do not require high
  • Save more painting time

Cons of budget class paint guns

  • Less effective than a higher quality spray gun
  • The technical design does not meet quality standards
  • The smoothness of the finish will be less. Mainly because its spray level is not as complete as the high-end ones.
  • It cannot repair. The budget spray gun has no parts to replace when broken.
  • They often appear dripping at the tip of the spray gun or change the spray pattern on their own.
  • Paint coverage will be smaller than high-end spray guns. This type of paint spray gun can spray a narrower range of paint and does not cover very well.
  • The gas cap and liquid nozzle have no options. You won’t be able to adjust the amount of paint you want.



Budget spray guns suitable for projects that do not have high requirements

With a low price and quite a few drawbacks, you can use this paint gun for simple projects. It can be a project that needs to be completed quickly without regard to quality.

You can also adjust the budget spray gun to make it work more effectively. But in general, it is only suitable for projects that do not have high requirements.

Economy Class Paint Guns

It’s upgrading a bit. Suppose you feel the budget class paintball gun doesn’t fit your criteria and project. You might consider economy class paint guns.

This is a more advanced gun than a popular gun. Its price is also much higher than the benefits it owns.


Wide spray pattern and variety of spray patterns


Economy class paintball guns will cost between $100 and $250. This is a reasonable price for the advantages it brings to users.

Pros of economy class paint guns

  • Repairable when problems occur, you do not need to throw away the spray gun. With this paint gun, you can repair it when they leak paint at the top of the spray gun.
  • Or you can also replace some parts when damaged, such as nozzles, needles, and air caps.
  • It has the ability to spray evenly and better than budget spray guns. The coating of this paint gun is much smoother and more finished. The layer also adheres to the material better.
  • Save paint compared to popular paint guns. Spray operation is the same as HVLP spray gun.
  • Wide spray pattern and variety of spray patterns
  • It has several different air caps to choose from for greater control over the painting process.

Cons of economy class paint guns

  • Although it contains many advantages, economy class paint guns are not the most convenient and perfect spray guns.
  • It has a higher price than a popular paintball gun
  • The spray is not as good as the high-end spray gun
  • The air caps are still not quite diverse
  • The paint finish is still not as smooth and perfect as high-end spray guns.



This type of paint gun is great for simple DIY projects

Due to the higher price tag than conventional paint guns, economy class paint guns work more efficiently.

This type of paint gun is great for simple DIY projects. You do it as often as once or twice a week.

Economy class paint guns can successfully handle moderate projects such as spray painting indoor interiors.

Premium Class Paint Guns

This is a premium class gun with many outstanding features and good operability. However, they are actually costly.

Of course, the price you pay will be worth what it helps your paint finish after.


This is a premium class gun with many outstanding features


This high-end gun costs between $400 and $700. This is not a low price for a spray gun.

Many people will be afraid to invest a lot of money just for a paint spray gun. So is it really worth it?

Pros of premium class paint guns

The transmission efficiency is extremely outstanding, saving paint as much as possible. 

With the exceptional improvements, you will not have to worry about the spray paint effect they bring.

  • It has wide spray patterns, good coverage and smoothness. It has a spray pattern up to 12 inches with outstanding spray ability. You will have the smoothest and finest paint finish.
  • It has a wide variety of nozzles and quality air caps. Of course, when you have to pay a higher price, the equipment of the gun will also be better.
  • Allows spraying a wide variety of coatings, including conventional, HVLP and LVMP ways.

Cons of premium class paint guns

  • High price for a paint gun
  • Difficult to adjust when new to use due to many features



You can use it for car manufacturing

To be worth the price you spend, premium class paint guns provide all kinds of utilities for you.

You can use it for car manufacturing, painting and fixing all your daily projects. It also works well with large projects.

For projects that require a high quality and flawless finish, premium class paint guns are the perfect fit.


The price of a good paintball gun depends on the type of paintball gun you choose. With paint guns as diverse as today, you can buy paint guns at any price.

However, as you can see, the price will determine the quality of the paint gun. We hope you will determine the type of paint gun you need at the right price through our sharing above.