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How Long Can You Leave Paint In A Spray Gun?

It seems hard to finish a painting job in one attempt. Many have to store the paint for the next use. However, the paint may dry and hinder your work. 

So, how long can you leave paint in a spray gun? Is it OK if the paint stays in the gun for too long? Just scroll down, and you will see the answer!

How Long Can You Leave Paint In A Spray Gun?

You can leave the paint for about four hours to assure its best performance. The time also depends upon other factors. You can preserve paint for longer if you can control several factors in your spray gun. 


You’d better not keep the paint in the gun for too long


In general, manufacturers do not recommend leaving it too long. The paint dries faster than other materials. It is tough to remove the dried paint out of the sprayer. As a result, the procedure of removing the paint will be both time-wasting and pricey.

However, sometimes you have to keep the paint in the gun overnight. It does not matter if you know how to resolve the issues that have arisen.

Why Can’t We Leave The Paint In The Gun For Too Long? 

Leaving the paint in the spray gun for too long results in some problems. Let’s see what they are.

  • Paint drying: The paint might dry in the sprayer’s pipelines. A sprayer won’t operate correctly if there are paints all over the tubes.
  • Filter blocking: The gun can clean off contaminants in the paint. This is necessary to provide better paint performance. However, if the paint stays in the sprayer for too long, it might block the filter.
  • Sprayer clogging: The nozzles of the spray gun become clogged whenever the remaining paint in the sprayer runs dry. As a result, the entire sprayer jams up and ceases to function.


Filter of the spray gun may get blocked

What Are The Factors For Storing The Paint In The Spray Gun? 

Some factors affect the drying time of the paint. Once you know the reasons, you would know how to find the solutions. 


You can preserve paint in the sprayer for a long time to regulate and lower the pressure. The drying and hardening of paint sometimes depend on the pressure. This is the reason many individuals lessen the pressure in their spray guns so that they can keep the paint for a long time.

The question is, how can you reduce the pressure? Turn the sprayer’s lever in a downward direction. Also, make sure you close the nozzle or the paint may shoot inside out.


Paint can dry faster when the weather is warm. As a result, you may control how quickly the paint dries by adjusting the paint spray temperature. 

Also, if the sprayer gets clogged owing to the paint inside, you may clean it out with warm water. As a result, while keeping paint in a sprayer, the temperature is an essential consideration.

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Temperature and pressure affect the paint’s drying time

How Can You Leave Paint In A Spray Gun Until The Next Use?

If you are going to use the paint the next day, cleaning the spray gun may take you a lot of time. Keeping the paint in the gun would be the best solution. 

There are also some ways to prevent the paint from drying overnight. Please follow these steps:

  1. Put the drain tubes in a paint container.
  2. Plastic wrap around the can and pipes firmly.
  3. Place a plastic wrap over the paint area before covering if it is half full or more.
  4. Remove all pressure from the spray gun and immerse the gun in a bucket of water, leaving the hose connected.
  5. Secure a plastic bag over the tube while not using the gun. This step prevents liquid from flowing out of the input tube and strainer during brief periods of storage.

What Can We Do If The Spray Gun Clogs?

A clogged gun prevents you from finishing your work. Here is what you should do to tackle the problem:

Step 1: Take the gun apart

To begin, disassemble the entire pistol. It won’t be difficult. The user manual will show you how to accomplish it. However, be careful not to lose any pieces or harm the weapon.

Step 2: Steep the elements

After you’ve finished disassembling the pieces, steep them in paint thinner. Some mineral splits may speed up the process.

Step 3: Take the paint out of the tip

Utilize a sewing needle to clean the paint. However, because the components are delicate, take care not to harm them.


Clean the gun

Step 4: Insert the tip into the aerosol tube

Take the tip and place it on an aerosol tube. Here, you’ll need to spray it such that the lubricant emerges from the aerosol’s tip. You should repeat this procedure until the tip is clear.

Step 5: Clean the gun with a pressure washer 

Clean the outsides of the gun with a power washer to remove any paint leftover. 

Finally, wipe up the remaining paint from the spray gun’s outer part, and you are ready to go.


So, you can leave the paint in a spray gun for about four hours. If you ask for longer storage, you have to carry out some steps to maintain your tools. Keeping the paint without continuous use may block the gun, but we have mentioned the solution mentioned above.

If you still have any problems with your paint or spray gun, please feel free to comment. We will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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