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How do you spray paint a wall without hitting the ceiling?

We all know that we should spray paint the ceiling first and then the wall to get the best results. However, after painting the ceiling, some people will feel awkward when starting the next step. So, how do you spray paint a wall without hitting the ceiling? Let’s find out the answer with Handtoolshouse in the article below!

How do you spray paint a wall without hitting the ceiling?

  • Step 1: Cover all the furniture (the ceiling particularly) and prepare your room.
  • Step 2: Prepare the wall.
  • Step 3: Protect yourself.
  • Step 4: Spray the wall and leave it dry.
  • Step 5: Clean up the room.


Prepare for the wall spraying is important


Step 1: Cover all the furniture and prepare your room

  • Take away all the furniture: Get rid of everything that might get in your way. The staff which is hanging on the wall, the mirror, or any type of things to be hung must leave outside of the room. Window curtains and other decorations in the room should be kept out of the room. If there is any bulky furniture, grab it in the corner of the room and cover it with a sheet or thin cloth. If there’s anything on the ground, it might not be in your way now, but maybe in the future, consider taking those things out of the paint room.
  • Turn off mains power: Before starting painting operations, turn off all power lines. You can do it using your home circuit box. Do not touch electrical parts such as lights or meters unless you are one hundred percent sure that it is safe. If you are sure, remove them from the wall. Be cautious, if you can’t remove any of them, ask a technician. Some of these may require a screwdriver to remove.
  • Cover the entire floor: You can use a plastic tarp or absorbent cloth. While it’s not possible to paint the entire wall at once, it’s a good idea to cover the entire floor at first because the risk of crying remains. After securing the floor with tarpaulin or cloth, let heavy personnel run through it as if it were immovable. You can have everything in your house, or you can find it at the hardware store nearby.
  • Cover the ceiling closer to the wall: You can use painter’s tape to cover the ceiling. It is the most suitable as it does not leave anything sticky on the wall. Use as much tape as you need. But most of the time, it doesn’t have to be longer than two to three feet. Don’t forget to wear a mask and open a nearby window. You don’t have to wear gloves, but it can help. Remember, ventilation is vital to the painting.

Step 2: Prepare the wall

  • Wash the wall with warm water: Scrub the wall with a sponge. Try to delete old strains, if any. You can use detergent with warm water. It needs a specific device to spray paint the interior.
  • Dry the wall: You can use a clean towel or any material that can absorb moisture. Make sure not to leave moisture on the wall. Wait until it is properly dried.


Always remember to protect yourself before paint spraying

Step 3: Protect yourself

  • Protect yourself: You will need protection to work with spray paint. This is not optional; It is mandatory because spray paint fumes are toxic and can cause serious health problems. You need to protect your eyes, and you also need to protect your nose and mouth. You should also wear clothing that is thick enough that it won’t stick to your skin and gloves. This is a serious thing. I have had health problems that are not directly caused by spray paint but are definitely aggravated by it. Proceed with extreme caution, and if possible, avoid it at all costs. You can always paint acrylic on (almost) any surface imaginable. Wall included. But don’t endorse it unless it’s a coffee shop or your room.

Step 4: Spray the wall and leave it dry

  • Pour the paint into the bowl: If you’re not comfortable enough with the bowl, use a bucket with a suitable handle. You can mix a little water if needed. Latex paint can always be used.
  • Start from the corner: Place your sprayer against the wall in the corner. You can use a ladder if it must reach the ceiling. Place your sprayer on the right spot and start spraying. Make sure you do not touch the ceiling while spraying. Give it a soft finish, so the primer sprayer lays flat on the wall. But again, you are unlikely to touch the ceiling. Allow enough time to make sure the sprayer is evenly distributed over the wall without splashing onto the ceiling.
  • Let the paint dry: Now that you’ve finished spraying the wall, let it dry for a while. After making sure everything is dry, it’s time to remove the tape covering the corner of the ceiling. Notice how you have a perfectly straight line between the ceiling and the wall.


Don’t forget to clean up the room after paint spraying

Step 5: Clean up the room

  • Clean your workspace: Your walls are now beautifully painted and all that remains is to clear your workspace. Remove all tarps/newspapers from floors and window corners. Store the remaining spray paint in your inventory. Finally, remove your safety gear and you’re done.
  • Pro tip: If you feel a little dizzy or short of breath, remember to stop everything immediately. Get out of your workspace, remove your mask, and rest for a while. Remember, your health is your first priority.

Final Thoughts

To answer the question: “How do you spray paint a wall without hitting the ceiling?”. We think it’s best to be well prepared. The key is to move all the furniture out of the room and then use special tape to cover the parts of the ceiling closest to the wall. If you have any other questions related to paint sprayers, do not hesitate to contact Paint Sprayers!

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