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HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Review – Top Rated 2022

Are you seeking for HomeRight Finish Max C800766, if yes you are at the right place

Nowadays, it seems like a paint sprayer is an essential in any household. It can save you the hassle and cost of hiring a team to do minor fixes or perform minor paint jobs in the house.

When I decided to level up my tool arsenal and get a paint sprayer for the house, I had a couple of options in mind.

I wasn’t looking for anything professional. All I was looking for was an affordable model that could handle DIY paint projects like room painting, painting a couple chairs, or re-doing the window panels.

After doing some research, I found that the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 was the one I was looking for.

And in this HomeRight Finish Max C800766 review, we take a close look at the details of this workhorse of a sprayer.

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Pros & Cons Of The HomeRight C800766


  • Affordable and has great value
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • You might need to over thin some paints to use the sprayer
  • Not ideal for bigger paint projects

Features Of THe HomeRight Finish Max C800766


Adjustable Nozzle

One of the first things you’ll notice about this gadget is the nozzle. You’ll notice how it’s different from other sprayers in its price range because of the brass nozzle. This gives the sprayer more structure and durability, as well as giving it a more premium look.

You can also control the spray pattern using the nozzle. You can have the sprayer either spray paint vertically or horizontally, which offers a lot of control when painting.

This finish max sprayer review worked great when I was doing interior paint work as it allowed me to have full control over the way the paint was being sprayed, giving me an overall professional looking finish when I was done.

Brass spray tip technology

The homeright paint sprayer paint sprayer uses a 2 mm precision brass nozzle and tip, which provide superior performance over plastic counterparts.

As opposed to plastic nozzles/tips, the metallic ones have corrosion and wear resistance and consistently high-quality patterns when spraying…

The Brass Nozzle Spray Tip by The homeright paint sprayer provides a better design than its counterpart to accommodate the precise application of material on surfaces such as ceilings or wall corners.

These applications often require a more delicate coating that can be applied using an accurate spray pattern with minimal overspray onto surrounding areas.

Pressure Control Knob

One of the things that makes this sprayer ideal for beginners is all the simple control options that come with it. Aside from being able to choose the spray pattern with the nozzle, you also have a lot of control of the paint flow with the pressure knob.

You can find the knob on the trigger of the sprayer, and it regulates the airflow of the machine. It’s really easy to work and doesn’t require a lot of practice.

To get stronger pressure, all you have to do is press down harder on the trigger, and if you want weaker pressure, simply press down softer.

You can also control how hard you can press down on the trigger by rotating the knob. You can rotate the knob to screw a lever to block the trigger. This is ideal when you’re doing finishing touches and need to be as precise as possible.

Easy to spray and clean

The homeright paint sprayer is easy to clean and has a built-in rubber that wipes off completely for complete cleaning. The quick release internal parts make it simple, saving time in the long run when you’re done with your project.

It also comes with an adjustable nozzle which can be used on various different materials such as milk paints, latex paints mil coatings, enamels primer , clear sealers polyurethane stain varnish etc .

It includes a viscosity cup to easily measure thickness of the material being sprayed just before usage during projects at hand


A cool plus of this homeright paint sprayer is that it came with accessories. It comes with a viscosity cup and a blower nozzle. These two accessories can make all the difference especially helpful if you’re new to working with paint sprayers.

Since this product doesn’t work too well with dense paints, knowing if your paint is the right viscosity is integral to a good paint job. That’s what the plastic viscosity cup is for.

It’s fairly simple to use, and the manual comes with clear instructions as to how to measure with the cup. It helped me out a lot in making sure the paint I was using was the right density, and it saved me a lot of time as well.

The next accessory is the blower nozzle. This tool helps you finish up a job cleanly. It simply converts the sprayer into a mini leaf blower which you can use to blow away debris that and other things that could have gotten on the surface you were painting.

Alternatives to HomeRight Finish Max 

HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer Power Painter

The HomeRight 2412331 Quick Finish is a decent alternative to the HomeRight Finish Max C800766. While it lacks some of the features of its homegrown cousin, it still packs a powerful punch!

Homeright super finish max works best with 3 different tip sizes: 0.015″, 0.020″ and 0.023″. These are available for purchase separately on Amazon as well as in a set of four.

At just over 5 pounds, this paint sprayer is portable yet durable! It has an adjustable regulator valve to control air pressure which helps to reduce splatter and keep your lines clean. This sprayer can cover up to 33 ft² per minute, depending on the type of coating you’re using

  • Less durable
  • No accessories
  • Less suited to enamels and solid stains.

Wagner FLEXiO 2000 HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner FLEXiO 2000 is an excellent HVLP paint sprayer. It comes with a 1-year warranty, features an easy-glide trigger, and has beautiful coverage. The model also includes the Flexio Filter Kit that minimizes overspray for more efficient projects.

It is straightforward to set up, clean, and use. It also features a gravity feed turbine cup which is good enough for small projects.

  • The 1.5-quart cup will provide you with more paint coverage than the Finish Max’s 0.84-quart container 
  • The spray nozzle is perfect for dense paints and not available on the homeright paint sprayer
  • Gets the job done faster with a more powerful motor.

What Kind Of Jobs Can The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Do?

As I said earlier, this is far from a professional sprayer. If you plan on repainting a house and using this machine to do it, you might be let down. This sprayer was designed for basic home projects to be done by your average DIY-er.

If you plan on using this sprayer for simple home tasks, it is a dream to use. I am fairly experienced with paint sprayers now, but I can imagine it being really easy for a beginner to use this device.

It’s lightweight, has a simple pressure control system, and gives you a great finish.

If you plan on repainting rooms, wood, coloring some old outdoor furniture, or finally changing the color of your window panes, this sprayer is one of the best ones you can get on the market.

It’s affordable and does the job more than well. Just make sure not to overwork it.

Other Customer Reviews

Before settling on this paint sprayer, I had to check out what other customers had to say about it first. I was happy to find that it was mostly positive when I checked out other homeright paint sprayer reviews.

Customers loved how easy it was to use, even for beginners and the sprayer always gave off a professional looking finish.

However, they did have some complaints. This sprayer can’t handle dense paints, which is to be expected of something in this price range. That’s why latex paints wont work unless you thin the paint to a point where you might end up having to apply a lot of coats.

This sprayer also isn’t ideal for big outdoor projects as it simply doesn’t have the power for the job, and you might end up wrecking it if you push it too much.


1. Is This A Loud Sprayer?

This is not the loudest sprayer on the market. However, it’s far from quiet. As is to be expected with gadgets like these, whenever you turn it on, expect a fair amount of noise.

2. Is This A Durable Sprayer?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean it can handle being thrown around and dropped frequently. Sprayers are designed to handle the regular bumps and dings that come with DIY work, but don’t be surprised if some components start to give if you drop the device a lot.

3. Can I Use Dense Paints With This Sprayer?

No, this sprayer is designed for light paints and thinned paints. That means dense materials like latex will not work with the HomeRight Finish Max.

4. Can I Paint A House With This Sprayer?

This sprayer is not designed for big projects, so it isn’t recommended to try painting an entire house with this sprayer alone.


HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is one of the best budget paint sprayers you can get. It has a surprisingly good build quality, it’s easy to use, easy to store, and offers a whole range of controls.

For home DIY-ers looking for the right sprayer for your next set of paint jobs, this would be a great pick. But if you plan on repainting houses on a regular basis, we recommend you get something more industrial and heavy-duty.