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Does spraying paint use more paint?

Paint sprayers are currently the most powerful tool to help you save time and effort. Does the spray gun waste more of your paint? This is a question that many people wonder about during the process of using a paint sprayer. Follow our sharing in this article to see the answer!

Does spraying paint use more paint?

The short answer is yes! Paint sprayers will cost you an average of 33% more paint than rollers and brushes.

Everyone feels this is acceptable. Because the paint sprayer has saved us too much time and effort. In return we will consume more materials.

However, if you really use the paint sprayer properly. You can save a considerable amount of paint.

Obviously, you will avoid wasting paint using the right spray gun, knowing the right paint angle and distance.

The result you get is saving time and effort and only wasting a little paint. Follow the next share to see how we do!



Paint sprayer use more paint than roll

Why should you spend more paint with a paint sprayer?

Sprayer problem

The paint sprayer has many advantages everyone knows. However, if you do not know how to use the benefits properly, they will become disadvantages.

Air pressure in the sprayer

High air pressure in the sprayer can cause an increase in the amount of paint sprayed. The firing speed of the paint drops is breakneck. This is very wasteful:

  • You do not have time to move to spray paint all over the surface. Paint sprayed too much in one location but not in another.
  • Too fast a flow rate is counterproductive. Before the paint particles had time to adhere to the surface, they bounced back and flew into the air.

The pellet should reduce the air pressure in the sprayer.


High air pressure in the sprayer can cause an increase in the amount of paint sprayed

Spray tube shape

For a narrow surface, using a large-width sprayer is a mistake. The amount of paint sprayed out is very wasteful.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable sprayer for the material.

Influenced by external factors

To have a smooth and thin layer of paint after finishing, the paint sprayer must spray out microscopic paint particles. They will easily stick to the surface material and fill even the tiniest holes.

However, this is also a drawback of them. Because the paint drops are so tiny, anything can affect it.

The whole process from the nozzle to the painted surface takes some time. It is during this period that they become misdirected.

Spray angle

If you spray at too large an angle, the paint particles will not fly towards the material. Half of it will melt into the air or another area.

You should have a perpendicular spray angle. At this time, the paint particles will land better on the surface of the material.


You should have a perpendicular spray angle.

Distance to surface

A reasonable distance from the nozzle to the surface will shorten the travel time of the paint particles.

Each type of paint sprayer will require a different distance. You should read the instructions carefully to get the most accurate space!


The spray paint particles are light and small, like a mist. Even a gentle breeze can wash them away.

The wind not only causes the paint to fly but also makes the paint uneven.

You should minimize the amount of wind impacting the position you work. You should turn off the fan when working indoors. And wait for the wind to cool down before spraying paint outdoors.

What kind of paint sprayers can you use?

Choosing the right paint sprayer for the right job will save you a lot of paint. Let’s take a look at some paint sprayers and the amount of paint they use below:

Paint spray gun HVLP

This is a very economical paint spray gun for you. HVLP has low pressure, so paint flow is relatively slow.

Compare the distance from the nozzle to the very close surface. This helps it save paint significantly. It is not wrong to say that this sprayer is similar to a brush or a roller.


HVLP is a very economical paint spray gun

However, they will still waste about 20% of the amount of paint needed. This is inevitable for sprayers.

High-pressure spray gun

This type of gun is prone to ink spills. At standard pressure, the ratio of paint that this sprayer uses to the roller is 1.5:2. When the pressure is higher, the balance will be 2: 1.

This paint sprayer will waste less of your paint. However, these costs are very high. It can be 4 times more expensive than a regular spray gun.

Airless spray gun

This is a trendy spray gun on the market. It has extremely fast paint spray speed thanks to the air pressure in the machine.

However, it is very wasteful of paint, it can waste up to 40% paint or more. Using this gun, you can waste several gallons of paint per minute. The best way to control this spray gun is to operate it properly.

How to avoid using more paint with a sprayer?

  • Do the following simple tasks to save more paint:
  • Prepare the paint sprayer and nozzle suitable for surface materials
  • Set the paint sprayer pressure to the correct level
  • Paint in a place where there is no wind or a lot of people
  • Choose the proper spray technique and spray distance

Frequently asked questions

1. Which paint sprayer is best for interior walls?

The airless paint sprayer is the best choice for walls.

The flow rate of this machine is very fast, so it is suitable for large surfaces. You can both save time and can save a lot of paint.

2. Should I clean the sprayer after use?

Sure! This is the job you should do! Cleaning the paint sprayer regularly helps maintain the machine better, reducing damage.

When the paint sprayer works well, it will save you a lot of paint.

3. Is there any way I can avoid overspray while painting to save paint?

The answer is no! Overspray is an inevitable phenomenon when using a spray gun. You can only apply some special tips or practices to reduce it.


Paint sprayer is a convenient tool to save time and effort when spraying paint. In return, we have to spend a fair amount of wasted paint on this tool!

Hopefully, through our sharing, you can best overcome the waste of paint with a paint sprayer.

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