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Do you need a second coat with a paint sprayer?

When you use a paint brush or roller, applying two or more coats is essential. So what about paint sprayers? Is it necessary to have a second coat with a paint sprayer?

A paint sprayer is a convenient support tool. It saves you time and effort. But is it necessary to spray two coats of paint when using a paint sprayer? Our sharing in this article will give you the correct answer!

Do you need a second coat with a paint sprayer?

The correct answer is no. You can completely perfect your painting process with a single coat with the sprayer. 

However, people will still use two coats of paint. Especially, if you use brush and roller during application, two coats are required for perfect thickness.

Paint sprayers can do so well because of their ability to spray out microscopic paint particles. The paint drops are tiny but have the power to shoot, so they easily stick to the material’s surface.


The first coat of paint has covered the material’s surface


That small size also makes it possible to fill any void on the surface of the material. So even with just one layer of paint, the paint sprayer still creates a smooth and perfect layer of paint.

Paint sprayers usually use air pressure to push the paint to the outside. If the air pressure is high, the paint spray speed will increase.

It both consumes paint and makes “running paint”. The phenomenon of “running paint” is a common phenomenon when you spray two layers of unnecessary paint.

The first coat of paint has covered the material’s surface. Therefore, the second coat is difficult to adhere to. Another reason, many paints have recommendations on the packaging as “one coat only”

So when you paint two layers with a paint sprayer, it will not be effective but also costly and laborious. Before you proceed to spray paint, read carefully about the type of paint you use.

If you want to paint two coats with the sprayer, you can apply a skinny layer of paint first. And a thin layer of paint for the next time.

Why is there still a second coat of paint with the sprayer?

As mentioned above, the sprayer can finish the paint perfectly with a single coat of paint. However, two coats of paint will make the overall paint more durable. 


Two coats of paint will make the overall paint more durable

Apply two coats of paint with the sprayer

To paint two coats with a paint sprayer, you need to apply thin layers of paint. What you definitely have to remember is the thin layers of paint.

If the first coats are too thick, the second coat will not hold. The phenomenon of “running paint” also appears.

  • First, you do the topcoat. You need to align a moderately thin layer of paint for this first spray.
  • Wait until the first coat of paint dries
  • Continue to apply a second thin coat of paint. Use a paint sprayer to spray a thin layer of paint like the first time.

Make sure the first coat is completely dry for best results!

How long does it take to wait for the paint to dry?


The time it takes for the paint to dry depends on the type of paint you use

The time it takes for the paint to dry depends on the type of paint you use. Paint suppliers often print it directly on the packaging.

However, a paint sprayer will produce a thinner and more even coat when using a brush and roller. Therefore, the paint drying time will be shorter than using brushes and rollers.

In ideal temperatures, dry weather, and low humidity, it will only take you 1-2 hours to dry a coat of paint. This period is much shorter than with other coating methods.

However, before applying the next layer of paint, you should still check that the entire layer of paint is dry.

What is the difference between spray paint and double coat spray paint? 

Currently, many companies provide two-layer spray painting services at a reasonably low price. This is really hard to believe with high-quality and premium paints.

You need to know that two coats of paint will take a lot of money and time. That’s the reason two-layer spray painting services are really not cheap.


You need to know that two coats of paint

Indeed a number of companies and their customers have confused double coats and spray-roll.

Spray paint and rollback

Spray painting and rewinding is a great painting technique for porous surfaces with a sprayer. This is how you use a paint sprayer and roller combination.

  • First, they used the sprayer and sprayed the first coat of paint as usual.
  • They will then use a roller to re-roll that layer of paint.

This method does not take time to wait for the first coat to dry, but you can consecutively.

The paint sprayer can create a perfect coating of paint on the material, but it cannot penetrate. Using the roller to roll again will help the paint penetrate deeper. Thereby, it will help you have a solid and durable paint.

However, you cannot call this a two coat method. You can only call it two coats when the first coat is dry and you proceed with the second coat on top of it.

This is the fundamental confusion between different painting methods.

Spray paint two layers

As explained above, double coat spray paint consists of two thin coats of paint in one overall coat.

After the first coat of paint is completely dry, you can proceed to apply the next coat. This is the main difference between these two methods. Spraying two coats of paint will take a lot more paint and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I use a brush and roller, how many layers do I have to apply?

If you use brushes and rollers, you must apply at least two coats of paint. In fact, you can do three to four coats of paint for the best finish.

Since the brush and roller will not distribute the paint evenly like a paint sprayer, you are applying multiple coats as a certainty.

2. Why is it more expensive to paint two coats with a sprayer?

In fact, the money you spend on two coats of paint is well worth it. 

First, spraying two coats equates to losing two coats of paint. Using a paint sprayer also costs a lot more paint than using a brush. Second, it will take more time and effort to implement. So two coats of paint will cost more money.

3. Does using a paint sprayer cost more paint?

You will definitely spend about 20%-40% more paint than using a brush. Because when using a paint sprayer, there will be many drops of paint splashing out. Plus, the paint that sticks to the inside of the sprayer makes them more expensive.


It is not really necessary to use a second coat of paint with the sprayer. However, you can still do the second layer because of its effects.  

Read the instructions on the paint cans carefully is for the best solution. Hopefully, our sharing can help you save money with the best paint!

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