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Do Professional Painters Use Sprayers? Is It Better To Roll Or Spray?

With many tools to support wall painting today, it is not too difficult for you to color your own house.

But have you ever been stuck between the two options of whether to use traditional sprayers or to roll? And do professional painters use sprayers? Do they prefer rolling? Which way will have more advantages?

To bring you better knowledge about this issue, we will give you the most deserving answer through the article below!

Do Professional Painters Use Sprayers?

Yes, they do, but not all of the time. They will prefer to use sprayers because it saves a lot of time and effort, but they still need to use a roller for the necessary times and correct the finished product’s evenness.

Sprayers are modern paint tools, much more advanced than rolling. But to answer this question, it depends on many factors and preferences of professional painters.

Using spray paint will help the professional save a large amount of time when painting large objects such as walls, floors, etc.

In contrast, sprayers will be difficult to reach small wall slots, hidden corners of objects, so in this case, they still need the help of a roller.

Another point is that sprayers will take a lot of paint to completely cover the surface, which offers the reason why they will use a roller to correct their results instead.



Why Do Professionals Prefer Sprayers To Rollers?

Professionals use sprayers more than rollers because of their applicability and variety.

The paint sprayer has two types: a handheld paint sprayer and industrial paint sprayer.

Particularly, the handheld spray paint machine can easily be held in hand and manipulated by squeezing the trigger so that the paint is sprayed evenly on the surface.

With this paint sprayer, you can easily adjust the spraying speed and spray pattern (such as horizontal fan-shaped spray, circular cone shape), making it easy to choose the spray style suitable for many different situations.

If the rollers have various brushes to be used in different locations, so will the sprayers. They have two sets of switch nozzles:

  • 5mm nozzle set for oil painting for thin-film coating, fine sharp paint, PU paint, varnish.
  • 5mm nozzle for wall paint, wide-area paint.

A compact paint sprayer is easier to move and use.  Everyone can use this series of machines with or without being a professional.

As for the industrial paint sprayers, they have superior design and stronger usage performance.

This type of machine has a large design, bringing all the features and techniques needed as a professional painter.

Is Spraying Paint Faster Than Rolling?

Manual spraying takes time and effort compared to using a paint sprayer.

Because the machine operates on an automatic mechanism, you just need to squeeze the trigger to make the paint continuously and evenly smooth on materials such as walls, handicrafts, etc.

That is why you do not need to pay too much time and energy to do manual painting, the utility of the paint spray gun will help you with that.

Is It Better To Roll Paint Or Spray?

Although you already know the features of the sprayers, you are still wondering whether to use them or not.

Check out these aspects to see which one is better for you to use between sprayers and rollers paint.

Once investing in paint spray guns, you will save significantly on labor costs because all you need is a machine. You can even do it yourself without anyone’s help.

When using a paint sprayer, you will not have to bring any other tools, just make sure the power cord of the machine is long enough to work quickly and efficiently in a large area.

And remember, during the time you use the sprayers, carefully equip labor protection equipment, and wear masks to avoid inhaling paint dust.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about paint dust when using the roller. But what hinders the safety of workers is that when they work at high places, they will have to carry jagged tools such as paint cans and other necessary tools on scaffolding, which is quite dangerous.

So make sure that when working at high places, employees have protective equipment such as seat belts, helmets, etc.

Using a traditional paint sprayer or roller has its advantages and disadvantages, and it would be best if you depend on the scale and the workspaces to choose the best and most effective paint option.

For example:

  • For small-size projects or works that need to be mixed with sophisticated paint colors, the traditional rolling method is still the perfect choice.
  • A paint sprayer will be an appropriate option for large-scale projects that do not require sophisticated paint color combinations. Especially works such as fences, walls, and large apartments are in the stage of completion.

Another aspect is that paint sprayers not only spray paint on the surface of the wall but also have a paint mixing unit; paint will be mixed continuously when sprayed to ensure even paint color.

Therefore, the painted surface will also be much nicer than traditional paint rolling.

In summary, we have the pros and cons of the two ways of painting as follows.

Using rollers


  • Saving paint
  • Limit vacuuming paint dust
  • Does not affect people around and the environment much
  • No need for complicated wires


  • Long construction time
  • Use a lot of labor; consume a lot of labor costs

Using sprayers


  • Fast construction time
  • Save human resources; save costs
  • Work easily in large spaces


  • Causing a bit of loud noise during construction
  • Paint consumption more than roller
  • Paint dust affects health


Spraying and rolling are effective methods in painting, and both have strengths and weaknesses, so based on the essentials, you can come up with the best solution for your job.

Do professional painters use sprayers? For them, sprayers as an effective assistant can help them a lot in their work thanks to their useful features.

Take your time to research this helpful information to get answers to your questions. Have fun!

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