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Do Paint Sprayers Make A Mess? – All You Should Know

There are many options of painting tools when it comes to decoration, such as rollers, brushes, and paint sprayers. Among those tools, many people have chosen the last option to bring the ultimate result and save time.

But do paint sprayers make a mess? And how to use them without creating the disorder? Our today’s article will pinpoint the answer for you. Let’s scroll down to read!

Do Paint Sprayers Make A Mess?

Well, we can’t give you a precise answer to this question. Although this tool can create beautiful paintings, it will make a huge mess if you don’t use it properly.

Let us explain to you why !

The paint sprayers often come up in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, their nozzles and air pressures are also different from sprayer gun to sprayer gun. The bigger the nozzle, the more difficult it is to spit out the paint droplet.

As a result, it can cause a dirty stain around the area later on. The causes of this mess are:



Overspray While Working

For beginners, it is easy to overspray the paint liquid on the working surface. So, make sure you get acquainted with the tool and circle the area of the painting. Don’t forget to use the scrap board for testing the sprayer first.

Using The Wrong Nozzle

As mentioned above, the size of the nozzle plays an important role while you do the work. The wrong nozzle can create a big dirty spot on the surface of stuff.

Using The Thick Paint

Another important thing is the paint. Yes, some paint sprayers have trouble getting along with paint like latex or oil-based ones. The thick paint will block your sprayers and cause it the roughest painting ever.

Forget To Clean Your Sprayer Gun

Well, the dirty paint sprayer can also drop dirty particles on your working surface. So it somehow creates a mess too.

Thus, if you want to avoid making messes while using sprayer guns, let’s move to our next part.

How To Use Paint Sprayers Without Making a Mess?

We have worked a lot with all types of paint sprayers. In our opinion, to master the painting work, there are practical tips you need to obtain. Details as below:

Don’t overspray!

Overspraying is one of the most common problems that users seem to have. All you want to do is paint the medium-sized stuff, but your hand overdoes it and somehow ruins the whole area.

The tip here is to use a disposable tarp by putting it on the grass. Then, spray as carefully as you can! After that, you will see the overspray paints on the tarp instead of your grass.

Depending on the size of the project, choose the size of the tarp! Also, you can use tape to cover the surrounding area that you want to avoid the stain.

Prepare A Clean Surface!

To avoid making a mess while painting, prepare a clean surface. Otherwise, after everything is done, your work will not be a beautiful painting. It will leave a huge stain. We recommend using sandpaper to clean the working surface carefully. Make sure there is no oily dirt left, then all will be fine!

Keep The Right Humidity!

Humidity might be the fact that affects your painting quality directly because a high humidity of the air can dissolve the painter’s droplets before they can reach the working surface. This process doesn’t happen so clearly that you can see it.

But believe us, you may notice the result later on your working project. Thus, before painting, make sure you check the humidity that is suitable for your work.

Don’t Swing The Spray Gun!

It may sound a bit weird, as swinging the paint sprayer will cover all the work surfaces. That’s wrong! Move your tool from left to right, from up to down motion instead of swinging it.

By doing so, you will see beautiful and smooth layers of paint come up. Finally, you will see consistent coverage as expected. Don’t forget to hold the tool at the right angle to create desirable painting patterns.

Keep A Close Eye On The Spray Gun To Part Distance

Keeping a proper distance between your working surface and the spray gun is a should-do thing. It should neither be too close nor too far if you don’t want to create too thick or too thin layers of paint.

From our experience, you can apply old junk to get the hang of the tools and move it along the line.

Coating And Runs: Do And Don’t

You’d better start painting with a light coat first. This step seems not to be necessary, but it plays a significant role later on. Next, let it get dry, and keep moving on with the second coat.

You can try to move horizontally first before changing to vertical lines later. Repeat the process several times and let the paint dry again.

Overlap Each Pass By 50%

This process means you create the thickness and the depth of the painting by continuously adding painter layers to each other. The percentage of overlapping that we recommend you here is around 50%.

However, based on the practical work, this rate can fluctuate. And you should feel the result of the work by yourselves.

The Bottom Line!

In conclusion, using paint sprayers isn’t that difficult as you think, right? There are many things that you need to pay attention to while painting. And do paint sprayers make a mess or not? The answer depends on you! If you do the work right, there won’t be any dirt on the surface.

In case you have other tips to prevent this painting tool from creating stains, share them with us!

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