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Can You Paint Vinyl Fence? All Tips That You Should to Know

There are a lot of practical reasons as to why vinyl fencing has become popular. Some of these would be its cost-efficient installation, its maintenance-free character, its aesthetics and how it improves the resale value of the home. Its upkeep of course would make you wonder if you can paint vinyl fence. In this post, we answer that and more. 

Can you paint vinyl fence?

As a general rule, you can apply paint to everything. But as to the question can you paint vinyl fence, the answer is yes you can with vinyl specific primer and paint, but it is not recommended.

Here are the main reasons why: 

  1. Most paint does not adhere to vinyl: For starters, vinyl is considered a non-porous material. As such, paint would seem to stick initially, but then peels off after a few hours. Peeling damages, the vinyl’s surface.  
  2. Your vinyl fence becomes high maintenance: Vinyl materials are specifically designed to not need staining or even painting. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why most homeowners now resort to vinyl fence. With the constant peeling that comes from painting it, you make your vinyl fence high maintenance. 
  3. Void warranty issues: One of the many great things about vinyl fencing is its excellent warranty. If it peels off due to painting or its surface is damaged due to constant peeling, you trade off its good warranty coverage. 

Nonetheless, if you insist on painting your vinyl, it can be done. You just need to search for the best vinyl primers, paint epoxy and paint for your vinyl fence. 

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Do you still need to sand a vinyl fence?

Sanding before painting is a must even for vinyl fences. This ensures that the paint sticks well on to the surface. However, since vinyl has a smooth surface, scuff sanding would suffice. Hard sanding your vinyl damages the surface of the material. 

What paints are best to use for vinyl fences?

Vinyl adherent paints would include acrylic or water-based paints. As for the primer, you need an acrylic primer with epoxy mixed in it. Using latex or oil-based paints are not recommended because they do not expand. As such, vinyl surfaces tend to chip off and peel with these types of paints. 

Can you paint a vinyl fence a different color? 

If you insist on risking for a painted vinyl fence, yes, you can paint it with a different color. The best time to paint your vinyl fence is during summer when vinyl materials are fairly maintenance-free. The best colors to paint your vinyl fence would be neutrals and pale shades of blue. 

Can you spray paint a vinyl fence?

Yes, and in a more convenient manner. However, you need to use a vinyl specific paint, and primer with mixed epoxy in it. This allows a more adherent paint and less chances of molds and mildew in the vinyl surface. 

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Can you use vinyl matt paint on vinyl fences?

Vinyl matt paint is not recommended on vinyl fences. Although they are safe to use for the material, they are better left off for high walls and ceilings. Just go for epoxy-based outdoor paints or acrylic paints when thinking of painting your vinyl fence. 

Are there other options to revamp a vinyl fence?

Yes. There are considerable options to revamping your vinyl fence without resorting to painting. Here are some simple and cost-efficient options to consider. 

  1. Go for landscaping: One of the best ways to upscale your vinyl fence is to revamp its surroundings. Instead of painting, you can add hardy shrubs and flowering plants around the fence. Climbers can also naturally improve the aesthetics of your vinyl fence. 
  1. Covering the vinyl fence: You can always use over the panel hooks or outdoor curtains to cover your vinyl fence. This is very beneficial during windy days or if you want to have more privacy in your vicinity without having to spend much. 
  1. Installing a new one: If your vinyl fence has really gone old and you think it has reached a point of no return, install a new one instead of painting it. If it is really not presentable anymore, no paint could save it. You are just risking it for more peeling if ever. 

How long will a painted vinyl fence last? 

There is no definite timeframe for this but good maintenance and upkeep can contribute to its longevity. At an average, vinyl fences last for 20-30 years. It is really up to you to take care of your vinyl fence.   

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Final thoughts

With everything considered, painting vinyl fence has more cons than pros. There is a reason why vinyl materials are especially made not to be for staining or painting. So, while you can paint it, you are trading off the rewards of having a low-cost, sturdy, and low-maintenance material in vinyl fences.