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10 Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2022-Reviews And Guide

Would you like to know best paint sprayer for cabinets. Painting your cabinets is an excellent idea to give back a new look for the cabinets themselves and the whole kitchen. However, it is easy when you just have a few DIY skills.

You might find yourself spending hours with the brush or roller to paint every corner of the cabinets. Hilariously, we introduce you to the best paint sprayer for cabinets to make the painting much more manageable.

This tool is supposed to paint everything faster than the traditional brushes and rollers and provide a smoother finish, as well. Are the cabinet paint sprayers truly good that much?

Scrolling down, and you will agree with us!

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets -Quick Comparison


Pros and Cons of The Best paint sprayer for cabinets

What to expect from the best paint sprayer for cabinets ?

If you are not familiar with the paint sprayer before, let’s start with some advantages and disadvantages of a cabinet paint sprayer.


  • The sprayer paints faster: The sprayer, as known as the gun, is designed to give off a large amount of paint consistently and widely at a time. As a result, it takes less time to cover your cabinets.
  • The sprayer can reach hard-to-reach corners: The fact that the painting tip is often small makes it possible for the sprayer to access the cabinets’ high and narrow surfaces.
  • The sprayer gives off a smooth finish: Paint comes out of the tip at a consistent rate and amount. Thus, the finish is often soft and even.


  • The gun is more challenging to use than a brush and roller.
  • You might over-spray the paint without using proper techniques.
  • A sprayer is also more expensive.

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets: A List of 10 Reviews

Best Value: HomeRight Finish Max C800766

The first good paint sprayer for painting kitchen cabinets is HomeRight Finish Max C800766. This is not the best paint sprayer for cabinets in terms of performance, but the best value when thinking about what you have with a small investment.

To be exact, you will get a ready-to-use kit of the handheld paint sprayer, viscosity cup, and a blower nozzle. You just need to connect the unit with the nearest outlet and have it usable for the cabinet.

When painting, you can expect an excellent control over the paint flow thanks to settings and accessories available. For instance, the blower nozzle allows transforming the unit into a mini left blower to reduce dust particles.

Meanwhile, you can also rotate the nozzle to change the spray patterns vertically and horizontally as wished.

What to improve, however, is the power. That of the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is only 300W, which is weaker than many others on the list.


  • Ready-to-use spraying package
  • Affordable under $100
  • Durable brass needle and nozzles
  • 3 spray patterns supported
  • Easy to use thanks to compact body and control knob


  • Weak power capacity
  • Not for thin paints

Best Budget: REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

REXBETI provides an affordable choice for your small cabinet, covering all standard functionalities you can expect from the best paint sprayer for cabinets. It is Ultimate-750.

As can be seen, although the REXBETI Ultimate-750 is cheap, the tool is still very reliable thanks to its sturdy body and decent performance.

Accordingly, its power is 500W, and the flow rate is 750ml per min – quite enough for almost all household projects such as cabinet painting.

In addition, you can control the out-flow flexibly using one of 3 nozzles available: 2.0mm and 2.5mm sizes for thin materials and the other 3.0mm for thicker ones.

Apart from such versatility, the REXBETI Ultimate-750 is also user-friendly. Not only is the unit lightweight and aesthetic to reduce the fatigue, but there is also a long cord allowing you to paint around the cabinet without having to move here and there too frequently.

Reasonably good at the price. Nonetheless, the REXBETI Ultimate-750 seems to heat up when you work for hours. This might affect the texture of the paint inside.

As a result, we will recommend this sprayer for small paint kitchen cabinets when you often spray quickly.


  • Budget-friendly for home use
  • Light and durable body and handle
  • Effortless to use
  • Smooth finish in the end
  • Convenient cord included


  • Required for frequent cleaning
  • Overheating under an extended use

Best for Latex: Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Max

At a glance, you might already figure out that Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is a heavy-duty paint sprayer. Hilariously, it is truly one of the best paint sprayer for cabinets tools.

Speaking of handheld paint sprayer, Wagner always provides us with many powerful and functional units. When it comes to cabinet projects, the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is among the best-sellers because of its powerful turbine and high air pressure.

Specifically, the pressure is adjustable between 1.5 to 2.63 PSI to atomize both the thinnest and the thickest materials – even the heavy-duty latex.

Excitingly enough, the adjusted pressure also helps to minimize overspray accidents. Just set it to the level that you are the most confident to work with.

We also appreciate the long hose that will bring you convenience. You can simply keep a stable painting pose while extending the hose to 21 feet to reach any corner of the cabinet.

Unfortunately, the power code is not that helpfully long. So, make sure that you have an outlet nearby. Also, take notes that Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is quite loud when working.


  • The powerful turbine, which is adjustable in PSI
  • Versatile for almost all paint types, from thin to thick
  • Little overspray to ensure the final finish
  • Long air hose coming with the sprayer


  • Short power cord
  • Heavy and noisy

Best Airless Paint Sprayer: Graco Magnum 262800 X5

In sum, Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets for home use. It is not robust as the best airless commercial sprayers, of course – but far enough to handle your cabinets.

This is the best paint sprayer for cabinets. – different from those HVLP units above. For that reason, you can expect it to be powerful enough to spray even the undiluted materials.

In specific, you can adjust the pressure between the low-spray and high-spray at 3000 PSI to complete the task just by twisting the knob. In addition, the tip of the SG2 gun is also reversible to blow off the clog inside.

So truth be told, the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is elementary to use.

More importantly, the pump action is designed to be energy-efficient, so you do not have to worry about high power consumption.

What you need to consider carefully is that the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is heavy because it is a professional paint sprayer for cabinets for pro DIYers.


  • Effortless to use, considering it is an airless version
  • Adjustable gauge from low-spray to high-spray
  • Energy-efficient pump to paint more and save more
  • Extended air hose to reach every detailed area
  • Reversible A515 tip for medium thick coatings


  • Clogs with thick paints
  • Heavy to move around

Best Compact Cabinet Paint Sprayer: HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max

Adopted the compact design like other HomeRight sprayers, the C800971. A Super Finish will also not let you down about its features and effectiveness.

The first impression is the ultra-lightweight body, which is around 2.7 lbs. Even more, the unit comes self-contained on arrival, meaning that almost all parts are already assembled. Then, just select one available nozzle and start the projects.

There are up to 6 nozzles instead of 2 or 3 like others. Moreover, a size chart is included in the box to reveal how to use those nozzles for the best purposes – even for thick latex. Very impressed with such a small sprayer.

Besides the nozzle sizes, a wide range choice of patterns is also available at your fingertips to fully adjust one for the even finishes.

Nonetheless, the limited power is what makes us hesitant from purchasing. Not to mention, the small size makes it harder to clean and exchange the parts.


  • Extremely compact in size and weight
  • A collection of 6 helpful tips
  • Easy-to-understand control knob
  • Various patterns found
  • Not expensive at all


  • Not powerful spraying turbine
  • Time-consuming to clean the sprayer later

Best under 100: REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Sprayer

Truth be told, this REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Sprayer is the Ultimate-750, plus with some enhancement in power and additional accessories.

All HVLP sprayers of REXBETI are compact and easy to use. This is no exception for the REXBETI 700. What makes it the best paint sprayer for cabinets under $100 rather than the Ultimate 750 is the 750W power.

With this, you can paint it even faster. Simply put, the unit can produce 1000ml of paint per minute compared to 750ml of the Ultimate.

Plus, there are four nozzle sizes available out of the box instead of the three above. The bigger nozzles are, the more flexibly you can use it with high-viscosity paints.

Still, the overheating and cleaning are problems that need improving for the consumers’ sakes.


  • Still affordable
  • User-friendly construction and settings
  • More powerful painting motor
  • Higher flow rate: 1000ml/min
  • Convenient cord along with more nozzles


  • The problematic cleaning
  • Overheating over time

Best Rated: Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO

Another choice by Wagner which is the most preferred by consumers worldwide. It is the Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO. Know why?

The Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO is promised to be 20% lighter and 50% more effective than other units at its price category. This makes sense why it has a big fan club. Specifically, this best paint sprayer for cabinets features two advanced technologies to complete the task.

One is the X-boost turbine to deal with unthinned materials, and the other is the adjustable speed settings. Thanks to this, the Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO has few limitations in terms of paint viscosity.

Some patented technologies are adopted besides the X-Boost, such as the iSpray and X-Boost Power Dial, to help deliver smooth coverage and professional look for your cabinets.

With such advanced features, the unit obviously does not come cheap. Not only do you have to spend a bunch on the sprayer itself, but you might also pay extra for additional nozzles to work with different paints.


  • More effective in spraying
  • Precise control over 10 spraying speeds
  • Versatile for various types of paint
  • Many patented technologies (iSpray, X-Boost, etc.)
  • Easy to set up and control


  • Expensive HVLP sprayer
  • Only two nozzles having in the package

Best Handheld: Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Double Duty

Another popular Wagner cabinet paint sprayer is the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Double Duty, which also comes with many helpful features like its brothers.

But what to praise first is the compact design, making it comfortable to hold for long hours. The spray is just around 4 lbs, so no worry if you plan to spray a big project.

Furthermore, the control is newbie-friendly because the sprayer is ready to serve just by pulling the triggers. Plus, the Lock-n-Go construction allows you to change the cups and refill the paint in a matter of minutes.

Hence, the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Double Duty is well worth being the best paint sprayer for cabinets.

About the performance, you can spray between 1/2 inch to 9 inches broad patterns at the rate of 144ml/min – not too powerful, we must confirm but useful for those who do not mind spending time with their cabinets.


  • Light and compact handheld design
  • Built with the beginners in mind
  • Helpful Lock-n-Go technology
  • Various patterns sixes
  • Not to expensive spray


  • Slow spraying
  • Easily clogged

Best for Cabinet Doors: Avid Power Store 600W HVLP Spray Gun

Avid Power Store 600W HVLP Spray Gun is the next to introduce. This brand is not as famous as Graco, Wagner, or HomeRight, etc. but the quality is still acceptable.

We recommend this unit for cabinet doors because the Avid Power Store gun can give off an exceptional finish on any base.

It seems that the manufacturer wants to cover all useful features required by consumers such as the portable handheld, three spray patterns, as well as 3 nozzle sizes, including 1.0mm; 1.8mm; and 2.5mm. You can pick up one based on the paint viscosity.

The power is up to 600W, so you can rest assured about the unit’s painting speed and capacity. However, we find that this best paint sprayer for cabinets is prone to clog, so you had better use thin paint or clean the unit frequently.


  • Good for narrow budget
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable control knob
  • 3 nozzles available
  • Very fine finish in the end


  • Prone to clog easily
  • Not very durable material

Best Ease of Use hvlp paint sprayer: Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station

Come as the last on the list is the Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station – an expensive but very functional and straightforward to use.

At its heart, this best paint sprayer for cabinets simplifies its construction to allow instant setup, operation, and cleaning. Meanwhile, the spacious container is bigger than almost every HVLP sprayer in its price range; the Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station is nothing like bulky.

Instead, there comes a handle and long hose so that you can move the sprayer anywhere to reach all corners of the cabinets.

Moreover, the unit runs on the two-stage turbine and at 650W to guarantee a superior coating in the end. And for added accuracy and efficiency, there is a push-and-click mechanism to switch between 3 available patterns without stopping the job.

So far, so good except for the noisy operation. Thus, you might consider painting the cabinet on a day when your kids do not have to study.


  • Extremely portable and flexible HVLP guns
  • Instant setup and maintenance thanks to advanced feature
  • Large container to paint more at a time
  • Two-stage turbine to produce excellent finishes
  • Easy to switch between patterns


  • Noisy machine
  • Quite expensive for an HVLP sprayer

How to Choose The Best paint sprayer for cabinets?

Beautify the kitchen with the best spray gun cabinet tool!

Firstly, know your DIY projects

Many people just skip this critical step and go straight to asking for the best paint sprayer for cabinets. However, you had better understand your actual requirements to avoid an over-powerful expensive tool. Then,

  • Measure the cabinets.
  • Check the materials of the cabinet.
  • Understand the characteristics of the paint you plan to use.
  • Know your DIY skills and had better practice painting with a sprayer in advance.

Secondly, choose a sprayer type.

With the information above, you can then choose one of the following three standard paint sprayer types.

  • Compressed air sprayer

As the name reveals, the sprayer uses a compressed air container’s pressure to deliver the paint to a surface. This type of sprayer is the cheapest one. Nonetheless, you are more likely to suffer from overspray because of the learning curves required.

  • Airless paint sprayer

Being well-known for handling thick paints and directing the paint out at high pressure and speed, the airless paint sprayer is commonly used for exterior painting purposes. As a result, it is ideal as a professional paint sprayer for cabinets.

In drawbacks, you must prepare various tips if you want to change the painting flow in the middle of the job. Such investment costs you some extra besides the price of an airless paint sprayer. Moreover, the powerful motor is a bit overdrive for small surfaces.

  • High-volume Low-pressure sprayer (HVLP)

It also comes in a high-volume of paints as the airless sprayer, the HVLP, however, delivers the paint droplets slower at low pressure. As a result, the painting cabinet process must be a bit longer to ensure the beads’ adhesion to the surfaces.

Besides, accuracy and clearness are improved. With the two characteristics, the HVLP paint sprayer is the most ideal for small to medium surfaces, which require a significant deal of accuracy. Take the kitchen cabinet painting, for example.

Thirdly, read the specs carefully.

If the type of sprayer is selected, then move on to the specifications that help you decide to buy the tool or not.

  • Capacity

Based on the cabinets’ dimensions, you might decide on the size of the paint sprayers chosen. Choose the big enough container to hold enough paint particles to complete the project instead of replacing it from time to time.

Nonetheless, you should also not go for too big sprayers because they are often more costly and harder to control.

  • Nozzles

You must make sure there is at least one nozzle coming in the package because typical sprayers are designed to work with typical nozzles.

Even better if the tool has a set of nozzles that are variant in size. Then, you can flexibly change the nozzles to the types of paints.

  • Turbine

Simply put, a less powerful turbine often fails to deliver an authentic painting experience. Thus, you must go for a powerful and branded turbine to ensure that all functionalities are good.

  • Lightweight and portable

Every DIY tool should be compact enough for you to deal with it for a long time, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. You often need to place the sprayer high to reach faraway corners. Thus, a properly-sized sprayer is extremely.

FAQs about best paint sprayer for cabinets

HVLP vs. Airless: Which is the best sprayer for painting cabinets?

It is an HVLP sprayer, which is the best paint sprayer for cabinets, we might suggest.

Airless tools are highly productive to atomize the paint into patterns very fast. However, they are not very easy to use without learning some techniques.

We will then recommend airless sprayers for big cabinets using high-viscosity paints and those who have spraying skills in advance.

Meanwhile, HVLP sprayers will release an air-fluid to atomize the paint in order to distribute spray accurately. For that reason, the tools are known for clean spraying.

Moreover, they work more quietly, which is ideal when you plan to do indoor projects like painting the cabinets.

How much is it to paint a cabinet with a spray?

About $3 to $10 per sq.ft, on average. It includes the materials and expense to hire professionals to paint the cabinet for you.

Using the paint sprayer; and you can save a bunch then.

How to paint the cabinet with a paint sprayer?

As above, Lowe’s Home Improvement shares some tips on having beautiful paint sprayer cabinets.

In brief, you should:

  • Prepare all painting gears, materials, and safety clothes in advance.
  • Remove everything within and around the cabinets to have a spacious and clean workspace. Disassemble the cabinets and remove anything removable.
  • Sand wherever on the cabinets that are reachable up. That way, the paints will more adhesively stick on the surface. Then, clean the whole cabinets before you start painting. As well, prime the cabinets from the back. You can use a brush or mini roller to reach detailed areas.
  • Paint the cabinets with the best paint sprayer, using proper techniques.

How to use the best paint sprayer for cabinets?

Tips to go are:

  • Reading the manual guide carefully beforehand
  • Testing and practicing the sprayer with clean water
  • Shaking the can when you start the real work to blend the paint inside
  • Beginning with the frame and then small objects. No need to rush yourself.
  • Waiting for the first coat to dry and applying the second coat.

What kind of paint to use on cabinets?

Most of the time, we will recommend paints with a semi gloss or satin finish. To be specific, you can choose oil-based or latex paint.

Consumers’ feedback on the cabinet paint sprayers

All in all, most home DIY-ers agree that the sprayers are far more effective than traditional brushes and rollers. Not to mention, they guarantee a smooth finish rather than brush marks like before. Yes, the tool seems expensive, but worth it.

Final thoughts on Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

At the end of this best paint sprayers for cabinets review, can you pick up a choice for yourself? Please keep our honest reviews and buying guide into account to make the wisest choice.

In case you still do not know what to choose, we recommend the Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO as the best overall. This unit is sufficiently functional, branded, and affordable for home use.