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Top 10 Best Handheld Paint Sprayers – Top rated reviews in 2022

Are you seeking for best handheld paint sprayers, if yes you are at the right place.

Undoubtedly, painting requires great effort, even if you manage to get your hands on the handheld paint sprayers.

After all, despite how significantly the finished DIY project can transform your house appearance, the painting process itself is still quite a hassle, and you can only hope for the best.

There is a high chance that your project will end up a mess. In reality, even a paint sprayer with the most cutting-edge tech cannot handle specific situations. Thus, we have decided to introduce the best hand held paint sprayers suitable for many unique situations.


The 10 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer Reviewed

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Stain or Paint Sprayer – Best handheld paint sprayer

A new addition to the sophisticated line of paint sprayer wagner, the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 boasts the most superior paint control out of any product we have seen.

Part of the reason lies in this sprayer’s Control Finish nozzle, as it allows as little overspray as possible. Thus, you can achieve a beautiful, smooth finish with much less work.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 paint sprayer has the best control.

Besides, this is an HVLP sprayer, meaning it will not just push everything out of the nozzle with a huge force. Instead, the paint particles will be spritzed gently, and with the body design, there is practically no force pushing back into your hand.

For this reason, you will be able to control how the paint applies to the object with virtually no external impact while using this small paint sprayer.

Nonetheless, there is still one thing that bothers us about this paint sprayer. Yes, we are talking about Wagner’s refusal to include a lid for the Spraytech 0518080.

Any experienced painter knows how hard it is to clean paint off surfaces, not having the lid significantly increases the chance of this happening.


  • Great nozzle
  • Good control
  • Durable


  • No paint cup lid

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun

While we are used to calling them “paint sprayers,” in reality, that’s more like calling your kitchen oven a zucchini cooker. After all, there are a multitude of coating mediums with unique viscosities other than just paints.

Thus, if you are looking for a sprayer versatile enough to work with many coating mediums, the REXBETI Ultimate-750 is absolutely perfect with its four nozzle sizes.

The REXBETI Ultimate-750 has a total of four available nozzle sizes.

To add to this versatility, REXBETI has equipped this handheld HVLP sprayer with specifically three available spray patterns.

You can pick how your paint will apply on the surface, either vertically, horizontally, or circularly. It is also easy to change between each pattern, as all you have to do is to turn the sprayer’s adjustment knob.

Nevertheless, these two following features might be a turn-off for some. First of all, it is over four pounds in weight, making your arm quickly tired if you don’t have much arm strength.Secondly, this gun’s dismantling process is quite complex, so you might need some time to get used to it.


  • Four nozzle choices
  • Three spray patterns
  • Easy to operate


  • Relatively heavy
  • Complex dismantling process

HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer – Best Spray Tip

While the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer may look basic, it has some amazing features.

One of those notable features is its 0.08-inch nozzle. It is made of the famous Wagner SprayTech brass materials, increasing its longevity significantly. In addition, brass ensures that the tip gives out a much more uniform and smoother coating layer compared to other competitors.

The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer has brass nozzles.

Besides, the HomeRight C800766 small spray gun has variable controls for paint flow rate. As we all know, there are many unique types of coating mediums other than paints, and each of them requires a unique flow.

On this aspect, the variable controls for material flow will certainly help you find the correct rhythm for your project with only a single turn of the control knob.

The only complaint we have about this best handheld paint sprayer is the noise during operation. There have been cases when users received complaints from their neighbors, especially when using the high-pressure setting.


  • Brass nozzle
  • Variable control on the flow of paint


  • Considerably loud

Graco Ultra 17M359 Handheld Paint Sprayer – Best Spray Pattern

Returning to their roots, Graco equipped the Graco Ultra 17M359 Handheld Paint Sprayer with a 514 RAC X FF LP tip. As a result, this machine can work with practically any coating medium with no thinning needed.

You will never have to worry about latex paints, enamels, sealers, or stains blocking the tip anymore, as you simply have to reverse the tip.

The Graco Ultra 17M359 Handheld Paint Sprayer has the best spray patterns.

Furthermore, the RAC X FF LP tip can guide the paint flow to create not just one but also two of the most beautiful spray patterns.

You are not just painting but creating art with this handheld paint sprayer. The substantial metal guard also ensures that this tip will never be damaged by accidental bumps or knocks.

There is only one thing that we don’t like about the Graco Ultra 17M359  handheld paint sprayer: it might not be ideal for a long and consecutive paint session.

Because of the design, hand and arm fatigue might quickly occur. Therefore, keep that in mind before taking on large and complicated projects painting jobs.


  • Durable spray tip guard
  • Capable of working with many materials
  • Beautiful spray patterns


  • Not suitable for long time use

Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO Stationary Paint Spray Gun – Best Wagner Flexio Pump

The best handheld sprayers make a simple paint job feel like a hard workout in the gym. At the end of the day, these machines combine the weights of in total a gun, an internal motor, and a full container into one hand.

However, you will never have to worry about such an issue with the Wagner 0529021 Paint Sprayer, thanks to its smart weight distribution.

The Wagner 0529021 Paint Sprayer has quite a powerful pump.

Being able to place all the heavy parts on the ground, leaving only a gun on your hand, this machine has the most powerful pump throughout this list.

This kind of power can help you cover an 8×10 foot wall with any type of material in less than five minutes. Remember, many other paint sprayers require you to change the nozzle to fit each material. This Wagner 0529021 does not!

Due to the powerful pump, you can expect lots of noise during operation. Also, this paint spray’s design may not be the best fit for painting high places. After all, it can be a huge hassle just bringing it along or setting it on a ladder.


  • Variable choices for speed
  • Smart weight design
  • Powerful pump


  • Noisy
  • Not that compatible with high places

Wagner 0529033 HVLP Paint Sprayer – Best For Furniture

Just like the Wagner 0529021, the Wagner 0529033 HVLP Spray Gun stores its 460 watts of power turbine in its external casing. As a result, this machine’s entire weight is lifted off, only leaving a lightweight paint gun on your hand.

For this reason, there simply is no hand or arm fatigue while working, and the efficiency of this sprayer is significantly extended.

The Wagner control 0529033’s body is completely made from plastic.

Thanks to the weight separation design, Wagner can improve both on the pump and the gun. Due to this, you get a powerful pump and gun that can work with virtually any paint base, even thick furniture ones. As such, there is nothing better than this best handheld paint sprayer to work on furniture.

Nevertheless, this sprayer’s turbine power cannot be adjusted, so its application is quite limited. Besides, every single component of the Wagner 0529033 HVLP Paint Sprayer is made of plastic, unfavorably affecting its appearance and durability.


  • Smart weight distribution
  • Good pump
  • Capable of working with furniture paints


  • Limited application
  • Plastic components

Graco 17M363 Ultra Handheld Spray Gun – Best cordless airless handheld

One great advantage that makes the Graco 17M363 Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer our best all-around is its ProConnect Pump system.

With this pump replacement system, you will never have to worry about interrupting your project once there is a malfunction with this best Handheld paint sprayers. Instead, you only have to remove its side panel and replace the pump, then immediately return to work.

The Graco 17M363 Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer has a stainless steel pump.

Furthermore, this Graco cordless paint sprayer’s steel piston pump is the famously innovative TRIAX Triple Stainless Steel Piston Pump. With the new design and technology, this pump can handle heavy-duty pro painting projects as well as the occasional home renovation tasks.

Besides, it has components made out of mostly carbide and stainless steel, so you will never have to worry about its durability.

However, it’s unfortunately that a respected manufacturer like Graco completely forgot about the importance of a good paint cup. This graco handheld sprayer’s low-quality paint cup brought its worth down significantly.

Also, Graco has priced the machine more on the pricey side; certainly making this graco battery operated paint sprayer out of budget for some.


  • ProConnect Pump replacement system
  • Durable
  • Powerful yet versatile pump


  • Pricy
  • Low-quality paint cup

Meditool Advanced Electric Spray Gun – Best Portability

What is great about the Meditool Advanced Electric Spray Gun is its incredible focus on portability and ease of use.

The first clear evidence of this commitment is none other than its ergonomic design, aiming to fit your hand as comfortably as possible. As a result, you can easily pick this best handheld paint sprayer up and move around without feeling any hand or arm fatigue.

The Meditool Advanced Electric Spray Gun has a huge paint container.

Despite focusing so much on portability, the Meditool Advanced Electric Spray Gun has a huge 30 ounces paint container, enough to last you through some large projects.

Thanks to the smart design, this otherwise clunky vessel plays a major part in balancing the spray gun, giving you a much easier time moving it around.

Naturally, after sacrificing so much to have as much portability as possible, there will be damages that no amount of clever engineering can salvage.

Of those, the biggest hit was the motor’s strength, resulting in the Meditool Advanced Electric Spray Gun being arguably the weakest HVLP spray gun.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Huge paint container
  • Incredible portability


  • Weak pump


Advantages And Weaknesses Of Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

A handheld paint sprayer brings multitude of pros compared to the more traditional brushes or rollers. Among these advantages, the most noticeable is none other than speed, as the best handheld paint sprayer can help you cover a huge area in quite a short timeframe.

Besides, once you start using handheld paint sprayer, you will notice that they are superior when applying a uniform, perfect coating.

There is simply no way to get such results from brushes and rollers. However, you need to keep an eye out for overspray – the only weakness of handheld sprayers.

Buying Guide

Type Of the Best Handheld Paint Sprayers

The first thing that you should pay attention to while choosing the most fitting handheld sprayer for your own situation is always how they spray. There are three major types of handheld sprayers available on the market.

Standard Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Also known as the traditional paint sprayers, the most favorable characteristic of these sprayers is their affordability. For the most part, paint sprayers of this type will never exceed $50, too great of a deal.

However, there is always a catch, and for this case, these sprayers do not have their own air compressor. Thus, if you don’t already have one laying around, getting standard handheld models is simply pointless.

High Volume Low Pressure

Most of the time, the paint sprayers of this type belong to the more expensive category. After all, they utilize the new High-Volume Low-Pressure tech, so the production cost can never be as low as the other two types.

Nonetheless, these sprayers are the prime example of “you get what you pay for” as they hold many advantages unique only to the HVLP tech.

Firstly, with the high volume of paint being spritzed, you can cover a huge area in literally seconds, yet the finish is absolutely even. Next, being low-pressure sprayers, there is no need for massive motors in HVLP paint guns. Hence, you can carry them around easily.

Airless Paint Sprayer

While not as high-quality as HVLP sprayers, airless paint sprayers work on the same principle. Thus, you still get somewhat the same product with less of a learning curve. Also, the best airless handheld paint sprayers have their own air compressor and motors, so you can save quite a bit.

Additionally, you can easily find an airless sprayer with just the right size and performance for your specific condition, due to the sheer number of these products available on the market.

Weight Of The Sprayer

As we are talking about handheld paint sprayers here, weight is always something that you must keep in mind when selecting the best handheld paint sprayer. At the end of the day, you have to carry it and wave it around through the day.

For this reason, something not too heavy and doesn’t easily cause hand or arm fatigue is ideal. Believe us, trying to strain yourself working with a bulky sprayer is never a good idea.

Of course, you can also look for sprayers that have smart weight distribution and use a hose instead of paint cups. They can overlook the weight of a full paint cup and focus on other more powerful features.

Another Choices

Graco Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer

One of the biggest issues with handheld paint sprayers is the weight, as you will be holding them for quite a while during your projects. For this problem, the Graco Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer offers a clever solution: what if we don’t have to carry the sprayer’s full weight?

Thus, they designed the pump completely separated from the SG2 paint gun, letting all the weight on the ground rather than in your hands. Naturally, that is not the highlight, but more of an added benefit.

The Graco Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer separates the gun from the body.

This best handheld paint sprayer true worth lies in its incredibly powerful motor. Capable of going as high as 0.38 horsepower, this powerful motor coupled with a 2800 PSI stainless steel pump allows a 0.24 gallons per minute (GPM) paint flow rate. Hence, you can finish your project much faster.

If there is anything we are slightly unhappy with this paint sprayer, it must be its low durability. The highest usage recommendation is only 50 gallons a year, far too low if you are serious about painting on a professional level. Also, there is a chance of overspray if you set it on a high-pressure setting.


  • Powerful motor
  • Good pump
  • Smart weight distribution


  • Low durability
  • Possible overspray

Titan ControlMax 580006 1700 Pro Airless Paint Sprayer – Best Efficiency

Ranked 2nd in the top best paint sprayer for house exterior is Titan ControlMax 1700. If you are a DIY-er who does not have that much free time on your hand, then the Titan ControlMax 580006 1700 Pro Airless Paint Sprayer is perfect for you.
The main reason for this recommendation is its High Efficiency Airless (HEA) tech, which gives you free rein over how much paint to use throughout your DIY projects.

The Titan ControlMax 580006 has the new HEA tech.

In other words, the HEA tech will provide you a much softer spraying tech with improved pressure control for a reduction of almost 55% of overspray.
Therefore, we do not believe that no other option on this list can compete with the Titan ControlMax 580006 for paint spraying efficiently. Obviously, you will also save lots of time not having to clean up.
However, we do not like how loud this device can be; there might be a chance that your neighbors will complain about your DIY projects. In addition, you must also look for specific spraying tips that fits with this paint sprayer.

  • HEA tech
  • Virtually no overspray
  • Never makes a mess


  • Very picky about spraying tips
  • Loud operation

FAQs about best handheld paint sprayer

Which Types Of Material Can Be Used With Handheld Sprayers?

For the most part, handheld sprayers can work with every solvent-based and water-based paints. Out of this, almost all of the water-based paints do not need thinning.

However, just to be sure, you can decrease the chance of clogging in the spray tips by thinning thicker paints.

Why Is My Best Handheld Sprayer Spraying Only Water But Not Paint?

The most common reason for this phenomenon is that there is some debris in the sprayer. As such, this debris will clog the tip, allowing only water to go through.

Our recommendation is to remove the strainer and the cup, turning the sprayer upside-down, then pouring hot water or mineral sprints into its inlet.

How To Reduce The Paint Flowing Out Of My Best Handheld Sprayer?

The easiest way is to turn down the speed setting of your handheld sprayer. However, this is only possible if the sprayer has dual- or variable speed controls.

You can try to use another tip with a smaller diameter for the ones that don’t, which will somewhat reduce the amount of paint.

How Do The Sizes Of The Spray Tips Work?

Most of the time, you will get a tip accompanying the handheld sprayer, which is usually the size of the sprayer’s maximum tip rating. If you are unsatisfied with how this tip works, you can change to almost any smaller tip, quite great for stain spraying.

How To Know If A Spray Tip Has Worn Out?

Even with the most careful users, a spray tip will always wear out, affecting the finish’s quality, productivity, and even the spray pattern. Thus, you need to spot the signs immediately, like the increase of the orifice’s size or the decrease of the fan’s width.

What Do The Customers Say?

From what we could gather from the users, most of them are satisfied with the Wagner 0518080. As a matter of fact, both beginner and pro painters saw easy success using it. The main consensus is that this sprayer performs the best in small spaces, leaving almost no overspray.

Most newbies noted that this paint sprayer was very easy to maneuver thanks to its lightweight nature. However, many users pointed out that the power cord’s length is not enough for many outdoor projects.

How do you use Handheld paint sprayer?

To use a paint sprayer, you need to first fill the tank with paint. Once the tank is filled, you need to attach the hose to the gun and then turn on the sprayer. You can then start spraying the paint.

Final thoughts on best handheld paint sprayers

After reading through our best handheld airless paint sprayer, we hope that you now know which aspect of the best handheld paint sprayer is most important for your specific situations. As for newbies who still have not figured out what you need, our recommendation is the Wagner 0518080 paint sprayer.