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[Top 10] Best cordless paint sprayers of 2022-Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for best cordless paint sprayer, if yes. It is undeniable that a cordless paint sprayer will help upgrade your toolbox to another level.

Yet, with countless products coming out recently, finding the perfect one might not be an easy task. For that reason, we have created a list of all the best cordless paint sprayers of 2021 for you to consider.

Buying guide for the best cordless paint sprayers of 2022

Before buying any product, it is in your best interest to read through a buying guide.

Let’s discover all the advantages and disadvantages of buying the best cordless paint sprayer.

Why you should buy the best cordless paint sprayer?


Cordless paint sprayer tends to be very lightweight, which makes it easy to lift, carry, and use for hours on end. The product is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to do heavy lifting work or has to paint for long hours.

Freedom to move around

Most cordless paint sprayers come with batteries as their primary sources of energy. You can use the product anywhere at any time without the need to plug it into an electrical outlet or generator. This quality makes cordless paint sprayers convenient to use in small spaces like roofs, attics, or the inside of a house.

Perfect painting quality

Most people worry that the quality of paint from a cordless paint sprayer might not be as good as that of a regular one. But, this idea is far from reality. With special motors, the flow of paint from cordless paint sprayers tends to be consistent and better than average.


Why you should not buy a cordless paint gun

Can’t work as long

Like any battery-powered device, you have to charge your cordless sprayers after a certain amount of time. This problem will cause a lot of annoyance if you are doing something and cannot find an outlet to charge your battery-powered paint sprayer.

Not as powerful

Cordless paint sprayers are great to use for small projects. For example, paint your bedroom. But not for bigger ones, such as painting your house or office building, the paint gun will not be a good option.

What factors to consider when buying one?


It is best to choose something that can do more than spraying paint to maximize the convenience of cordless paint sprayers. For example, some sprayers are compatible with flammable materials, allowing them to be suitable for a wide range of purposes. Sprayers that have attachments and tips of different sizes are useful for painting from a variety of angles.


Since cordless paint sprayers are a recent innovation, many brands are trying to replicate them without success. We recommend buying your cordless paint sprayer from highly regarded brands and reliable retailers to be safe.


Painting has always been considered a time-intensive and laborious job. Thus, your tools to paint should not only be easy to use but also to manage and maintain. A sprayer that only takes a few minutes to clean and fix is always a pro no matter what work you do.


Cordless paint sprayers are generally much more expensive than regular corded ones. Therefore, before investing, be sure to research the product carefully so that you can find a good one that fits your budget!

Recommendations for the best cordless paint sprayers of 2021

Graco 360 VSP Paint Sprayer – Most versatile graco cordless paint

Graco 360 VSP Paint Sprayer

The Graco 360 VPS is considered one of the most versatile cordless paint sprayers in the market right now, and for good reasons. The speed control feature allows users to adjust the working pace to their likings without any difficulties. If you are someone who cannot work intensively for long hours, this paint gun might be a perfect fit for you.

Next, the Graco paint sprayer offers incredible versatility in how it sprays paint. Thanks to VacuValve airtight technology, you can use the Graco paint gun in any direction and at multiple angles, even upside down. Super flexible and convenient!

The Graco 360 VSP also replaces traditional material cups with a FlexLiner Bag. This new edition encourages users to reuse, recycle, and protect the environment. Truly a multi-purpose product!

The Graco best cordless paint sprayer is also an incredibly powerful machine. With a voltage of 120 volts, the paint gun can spray up to 25 gallons of paint every year. These are all outstanding numbers, concerning the product’s small size and its lack of cords.

One disadvantage of this product, however, is its high price. But considering all the benefits it offers, we think it is worth your money!


  • Highly versatile
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Easy control


  • High price

Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer – Best for intricate works

Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer

The Graco 360DS Paint Sprayer is most useful for small and medium-sized painting projects. By using the Dual-Speed Control, Graco gives you the ease and precision that small and intricate paintings often require.

However, don’t worry that this specialization will limit the scope of work you can do. With an adjustable speed feature, the Graco 360 DS paint gun also allows you to spray at a fast pace for big coverages, such as fences or railings. In short, whatever surface you wish to cover, Graco 360DS Sprayer comes in handy.

Coming from the same brand, the Graco 360 DS Sprayer and its counterpart Graco 360 VPS Sprayer share a few similarities.

For example, both have a stainless steel pump that allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure. The capacities are also the same: 120 voltage and can use up to 25 gallons of paint every year.

However, the 360 DS Sprayer is a step up from the 360 VPS Model in a few aspects. For example, the 360 DS model offers a two-speed option, making it more flexible and convenient to use.

Since this is a new model from Graco, high-quality replacements of this wireless paint gun are quite hard to find. We recommend going to the official retailers of Graco to ensure the product’s reliability!


  • Easy to adjust
  • Accuracy and precision in spraying. Great for intricate works


  • Difficult to find different tips

HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer – Great for DIY hvlp paint sprayer

HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer transforms DIY into its ultimate powerful form. Thanks to the sprayer’s user-friendly design, anyone can pick it up to do whatever painting jobs they have.

Improved from its previous model, the HomeRight Super Finish Max sprayer offers many new and innovative features. For example, the adjustable settings will assist you in completing any painting job with accuracy and precision. This includes both amateur DIY projects and professional painting jobs.

The best cordless paint sprayer also comes with an air cap to help change your spraying angles from horizontal to vertical and round. The control knob, moreover, offers simple customizations, such as speed changing. All amount to help you achieve the most beautiful and intricate artwork of your dream!

One drawback of this cordless paint gun, however, is its inconsistency in production. Sometimes, the sprayer might arrive in less than ideal conditions or become harder to customize. The HomeRight team is working their hardest to solve this problem. Their customer service hotline is always open if you have any questions.


  • Great for DIY
  • Can spray from multiple angles
  • Suitable for both small and large painting projects


  • Inconsistency in production

Wagner FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer – Most powerful

Wagner FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer

Despite being a cordless paint sprayer, the Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer is one of the most powerful machines in the market right now.

The wireless paint sprayer is best for applying a superior finish on furniture, walls, fences, and more. With an X-Boost turbine, the sprayer delivers extra power to spray the unthinned interior and exterior paints. Very few brands can afford this premium-quality feature for their products right now.

With a spraying speed that satisfies an 8’ x 10’ surface in one minute, the Flexio 590 cordless paint sprayer is ten times as fast as a regular brush. This quality makes this machine a good investment for anyone who has to do laborious painting jobs daily.

The Flexio 590 best cordless paint sprayer is also a great combination of comfort and power. In addition to spraying large painting jobs, the paint gun can also adapt to small and intricate work. Thanks to its 10-speed settings feature, the sprayer allows you to adjust paint flows with accuracy and precision.

Yet, sometimes this power will become counterproductive if not used carefully. For example, the painting process might be very messy or out of control if you do not read the manual on how to use this paint gun carefully beforehand.


  • Powerful motor
  • Produces excellent finish for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Ten times faster than a regular brush or roller


  • Can be messy if not used carefully

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Paint Sprayer – Best for power paint sprayer

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for something medium-sized that offers high quality, the Graco Ultra Max Paint Sprayer is one of the best in the market right now.

This paint gun runs on DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion System Batteries that last up to a gallon per spray – a perfect amount for small to medium painting jobs.

With a tip size that can support up to 16000 tips, the Graco Ultra Max sprayer also allows users to spray anywhere from a thin to medium viscosity. This proportion of power is perfect for medium-sized painting jobs – not too cumbersome but not too weak either.

Like many products from Graco, this cordless paint sprayer offers a lot of high-quality features. However, one that sets it apart is the ability to spray water, solvent, and flammable based materials. This trait automatically widens the Graco Ultramax range of application and flexibility.

The Graco Ultra Max sprayer is also super convenient and easy to fix. Thanks to the Triax Triple Piston Pump and ProConnect, users can have an economical alternative to customer service at stores. Instead, read through their manual, go on a few websites for advice, and you can fully fix your sprayer at home.

However, this Graco cordless paint sprayer also comes with a minor inconvenience. Due to the product’s balanced power, overworking it for big projects, such as painting fences or roofs, might be inefficient.

Before investing money in this best cordless paint sprayer, we recommend reevaluating your priorities so that you can be sure you make the right choice.


  • Good for medium-sized projects
  • Can spray solvent and flammable based materials
  • Wide range of applications


  • Not suitable for a big project

Graco Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer – Perfect airless handheld paint

Graco Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer

Since the Graco Ultra best cordless paint sprayer is the previous model of the Graco UltraMax paint sprayer, they share many similarities.

Both are powered by DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion System that lasts up to a gallon a day. This amount is perfect for small and medium painting jobs. These wireless pain guns are easy to fix and maintain. With a Triax Triple Piston Pump and ProConnect feature, Graco Ultra Paint Sprayer offers a cheap and easy way to repair any damage.

However, there is still a difference between these two items. Compared to the Ultramax design, the Graco Ultra cordless paint sprayer produces a much better airless finish. This quality is due to the wonderfully made spray tip that helps create a smooth and fluid finish without thinning.

One negative difference, though, is the paint gun’s inferior power next to its upgraded counterpart. This flaw is understandable. Depending on your needs as well as their budgets, you can choose the model that fits you best.


  • Good for medium-sized projects
  • Cheap and easy to repair
  • Perfect airless finish without thinning


  • Not as powerful as its upgraded counterpart

Scuddles Paint 1200 Watt High – Power Sprayer – A time-saving solution

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

The Scuddles Paint Sprayer is a real time saver thanks to its many innovative features. Scuddles Electric paint sprayer features three unique spray patterns, allowing you to spray from multiple angles.

From circular to horizontal spraying, the paint gun is adaptable to both indoors and outdoors environments. With a Scuddles Paint Sprayer, you will never have to spend extra money or time using other products. What a deal!

In addition to that, the paint gun also includes various nozzle sizes in its design (1.8mm/2.2mm/2.6mm). This diversity of sizes helps the paint to reach its surface more quickly in a more precise manner.

Specifically, the 1.8mm and 2.2mm nozzles are great for thinner coatings like varnish, and the 2.6mm one is more suitable for latex or thick paint. This feature not only saves you a lot of time but also effort during the adjusting process.

Finally, the Scuddles best cordless paint sprayer is a no-tool needed to assemble and can be used straight out of the box. Super convenient and time-efficient.

One drawback of the scuddles paint gun, however, is that it is easily clogged up. Be sure to watch your sprayer’s performance during the process to prevent this problem from happening.


  • Unique spray patterns
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Easy to use


Easily clogged up.

AOBEN 750W Hvlp Spray Gun – Best overall

AOBEN Paint Sprayer

The AOBEN best cordless paint sprayer is arguably one of the most well-rounded in the market right now.

With 750W high watts of power, the sprayer provides a precise spray pattern to create a smooth and high-quality finish. The 1000ml detachable container, moreover, extends the using time until the next refill.

By incorporating these two high-quality features, the AOBEN Paint Sprayer is both powerful and convenient to use.

It is also a versatile product that can adapt to different spraying styles and environments. By featuring four nozzle sizes (11.5mm/1.8mm/2.2mm/2.6mm), the AOBEN sprayer helps users adjust their spraying angles more easily.

From vertical, horizontal to circular spraying, any angle is possible. You can also modify your paint flow with a control valve knob to suit any kinds of painting works you have to do.

This feature not only boosts the product’s flexibility but also prevents users from wasting paint during the process.

One notice while painting, however, is that the AOBEN paint gun can get quite hot if used for long hours. Make sure to let the sprayer rest so that it can work more efficiently and last for a longer time.


  • Well-rounded
  • Prevent overspray


  • Can get very hot if used for long hours

Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun – Awesome alternative to brushes

Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun


Forget sponges, rollers, and brushes. This Paint Sprayer Home Electric spray gun is a perfect alternative that will save you a lot of time and effort.

This spray gun ensures you can paint 5 or 10 times faster than with a regular brush. Not only that, but it can save you time by simplifying the refill process.

With a quick refill lid, the Paint Sprayer Home Electric spray gun allows direct refill and cuts the preparation time to almost none. If you are someone who is busy and doesn’t want to waste time on mundane tasks, this sprayer is a must-have.

The best cordless paint sprayer Home Electric Spray gun is also a highly versatile product that helps you with tasks beyond regular painting. The paint gun comes with three spray patterns, diversifying your spraying angles, from horizontal to vertical and circular.

The four nozzles sizes(2.00mm/2.5mm/3.00mm/1.0mm), moreover, make it easier for users to adjust their paint flow to suit a variety of different settings.

However, one disadvantage of this wireless paint sprayer is that the paint can sometimes come out thin. If you encounter this problem, be sure to contact this customer service hotline to have them fixed as soon as possible.


  • Can paint 5 to 10 times faster than a regular brush
  • Easy refills
  • Highly versatile


  • The paint sometimes comes out thin

Tilswall Paint, 550W Spray Gun Home – Highly customizable

Tilswall Paint Sprayer

The Tilswall paint sprayer is one of the most customizable best cordless paint sprayers in the market at the moment.

With a focus on atomization, the paint gun can adjust to fit any kinds of painting job you have to do. Depending on whether your design is interior or exterior, large-scale, or intricate, the Tilswall sprayer will modify the covering speed, power, and capacity to make sure you receive as much satisfaction in your projects as possible.

The Tilswall paint sprayer is also famous for never compromising its features and quality. With a variable air pressure that can control from 0 to 1200ml/min, the paint gun allows you to change the force the sprayer uses to release paint. It is a highly customizable feature that can result in a fast-finishing time and substantial power.

Last but not least, the Tilswal paint sprayer offers three spray patterns and three size nozzles. These nozzles ensure you can change your spraying angles with absolute accuracy and precision.

Since this is a highly adjustable product, the paint gun can sometimes be hard to maneuver. Be sure to read the manual book carefully or do your research so that you can fully utilize this great paint gun.


  • Affordable
  • Straight forward function and easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Hard to use sometimes.

Buying Guide: best cordless paint sprayers

Choosing paint sprayers can be difficult. A wide variety of options are available, and it’s important to know what you need before making a purchase. The most basic type is a conventional handheld power paint sprayer, but these have limitations in terms of convenience and accuracy.

The best cordless paint sprayers will have a battery that allows for extended periods between charges. They also typically require minor cleanup after use while still delivering high-quality results. To find out which models match your home improvement needs, consider the following aspects:

Noise Level

The amount of noise generated by a tool may not seem like much on its own, but it could pose serious health risks over time. For example, long-term exposure to paint sprayers can lead to hearing damage. It’s also worth considering the amount of sound that will be produced while you are working. This is typically measured in decibels or dB.

Noise levels for cordless power paint sprayers vary widely, but many models fall below 85dB on average. Silenced machines are available, but these tend to come with some drawbacks in other areas since they are designed for personal use rather than large projects involving multiple people.


All power tools are usually sold at a premium price compared to their manual counterparts, though this isn’t always the case when it comes to cordless options. For example, high-end models are typically more expensive to insure sturdy enough to work through years of heavy use.

Commercial vs. Home Use

While many power tools can be used for home improvement projects and small business operations, the best cordless paint sprayers are often tailored to one specific application.

This is mainly because personal versions do not have the same build quality or safety features as professional machines. It’s worth noting that you may need a license to operate specific equipment depending on your state’s laws.

Power Source

Power tools can operate on various sources, including gas and batteries. While some professionals prefer the consistency and reliability of gasoline-powered devices, battery-powered units tend to offer more convenience for smaller projects.

Battery Types

There are four main types of batteries used in cordless power tools: nickel-cadmium (NiCad), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium-ion, and lithium polymer. While older NiCad models have long been the industry standard, they are now considered obsolete due to their memory effect.

Lithium-ion is currently the most popular choice as it offers a high level of efficiency without adding too much weight. Additionally, these batteries are relatively inexpensive compared to other types.

The best cordless paint sprayers will be equipped with an 18V or 20V battery. Larger versions come with additional features, including increased speed and enhanced portability, but they tend to be more expensive due to their added power.

Ease of Use and Operation

Power tools are designed to be easy to use, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. This is especially true for cordless devices because they typically have a limited run time before the battery needs to be recharged. Inadequate comfort can also lead to user fatigue, slowing down progress.

As with any tool, it’s essential for the best cordless paint sprayers available on the market today to have features that help increase their ease of use.

For example, having a variable control setting allows you to adjust your speed and power settings depending on what material you are working with and how much overspray needs to be avoided. A filter will also need to be replaced to maintain optimal performance, though some models include a protective shield that blocks debris.


It’s not enough to just read about cordless power paint sprayers, which is why it’s essential to look at the warranty included with each model.

Any tool may require repairs or replacement over time due to normal wear and tear, where contracts can benefit buyers. These vary widely depending on the brand. For example, Porter-Cable offers longer terms of coverage than Milwaukee.

Unwanted material accumulation can occur in most types of equipment, which is why you need to assess what kind of maintenance is required before making your purchase.

Generally speaking, cordless devices are significantly more straightforward to clean than gasoline-powered alternatives, though you’ll likely need to use compressed air or replace valves due to frequent use.

Weight and Dimensions

Power tools with an average weight of 10 pounds or less are considered more portable than bulky models that can not easily be transported.

More oversized items will also need increased storage space, which is another factor you should consider before making a purchase. Some units like the Wagner 052 require stationary hoses, while others can be connected directly to a source, including a pressurized water supply.

Cordless power paint sprayers tend to have dimensions between 19 and 25 inches, making it easy for them to fit into almost any type of vehicle. That being said, it’s essential to measure your available cargo space before purchasing a model so you don’t end up buying something that won’t fit in your trunk or truck bed.

Paint Flow and Patterns

Cordless power paint sprayers come in various styles when it comes to the pattern and flow of their paint. Most models use either fan or cone patterns due to their ability to deliver a wide or narrow line. However, you can also find endless options available, so you don’t have to reload materials as often.

As for material flow, most devices work with either standard half-pint cans or gravity feed systems. These methods create different paint patterns better suited for specific applications than others. For example, gravity feed models tend to offer more even coverage at the cost of added time and effort on your part.

Power Output

Cordless power paint sprayers typically have a power output of between 600 and 2000 watts, often measured in amps or volts. As a general rule, the higher the wattage, the more powerful your device will be. However, it would help if you also looked at how efficient it is regarding energy consumption.

These tools typically use electric motors that are either brushed or brushless. While the latter tend to last longer and offer improved performance overall, they can be significantly more expensive.

For this reason, most users find cordless devices with up to 14.4 volts provide ample power without costing too much money for features they’ll probably never use.

As long as you keep your budget in mind and understand the factors that come into play when purchasing cordless power paint sprayers, it’s easy to find a model that fits your unique needs and preferences.

FAQs about best cordless paint sprayer

What is the best cordless paint sprayer to use for medium-sized DIY projects?

The HomeRight Paint Sprayer, Super Finish Max can take DIY to a whole new level. By offering high-quality adjustable features for speed and spraying angles, the sprayer ensures high levels of accuracy and precision that is often important in intricate artworks.

Another option you can check out is the Graco Ultra Max Cordless Paint Sprayer, which offers a perfect balance between power and comfort. The sprayer works amazingly well for medium-sized painting projects

What is the most powerful cordless paint sprayer?

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 is considered the strongest cordless paint sprayer at the moment. With an average speed ten times faster than a regular brush, the sprayer is a good investment for anyone who has to do laborious painting jobs daily.

Are cordless paint sprayers easy to customize?

Tilswall Paint Sprayer is the most customizable sprayer on the market right now. With a focus on atomization, the paint gun can adjust to fit any kinds of painting job you have to do. Whether it be large scale or intricate work, the sprayer will make sure to satisfy you as much as possible.

Why should I change from a brush to the best cordless paint sprayer?

There are three main reasons:

Firstly, a cordless paint sprayer is more lightweight and portable than a corded one. This quality makes it easier to carry and use for a longer time.

Secondly, a cordless paint sprayer gives you more freedom to move around.

Thirdly, cordless paint sprayers come with many new and innovative features to enhance your works.

What the best cordless paint sprayer produces a perfect airless finish?

The Graco Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer helps produce the perfect airless finish, thanks to its wonderfully made spray tip. Not only does this feature create a smooth and fluid finish, but it also prevents the coating from thinning.

Customer comments and evaluations

Customers are generally satisfied with the quality and convenience these products offer. An overwhelming number of people praise the paint gun for its portability, ease of movement, and premium quality finish.

Thanks to the lack of cords and lightweight, users can use this on small and inconvenient spaces, like roofs or attics. Moreover, there is a focus on customization in a lot of cordless paint guns. This quality makes it perfect for many intricate painting works, like DIY or interior design, for example.

Customers also report finishing their painting jobs faster using cordless paint sprayers. For example, the Wagner cordless paint sprayer has an average spraying speed that is ten times faster than a regular brush.

This quality makes it a good investment if you are looking to spray some large painting jobs, such as kitchens or bathrooms.


The best cordless paint sprayers of 2021 that we introduce above will help you in any painting jobs, professional and amateur alike. Before investing in a tool, make sure to thoroughly understand your needs, finance, and all the necessary information. This way, you can choose the best fit possible.