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Are Electric Spray Guns Any Good? – Little Do You Know!

Are electric spray guns any good? Many DIY-ers may not know exactly if the device is really helpful. This post will clue you into all about that sprayer!

An electric paint sprayer is a portable tool used for cars, walls, or any surface painting. Since it’s a new face in the spray gun market, customers may question, “Are electric spray guns any good?

The answer is ‘Yes’. These guns have stood out from the crowd thanks to excellent competitive advantages. Besides, there are also some ‘not-so-good’ things for customers to keep in mind. Let’s find out with us!


Are electric spray guns worth investing money?


Are Electric Spray Guns Any Good?

Well, there are many various spray methods bringing certain efficiency, but most people prioritize choosing electric spray guns. For volume, they quickly move, helping you finish the work soon.

What Are Their Advantages?

The airless electric sprayer possesses loads of useful features. We’ve listed four major benefits of this tool below.


If you paint the surface in the traditional way, you’ll need thinner to have a proper mixture. With an electric gun, you can spray any finish at full viscosity without thinning paint.

Some careful contractors filter the paint before pouring it into the tank. They want to ensure there is no lump that may clog the gun’s nozzle, making the process as smooth as possible. But if you feel too lazy to do so, you can just use the spray gun as it is. The tool will for sure give out the right paint.


What are the pros and cons of electric spray guns?

Ease Of Use

As said, no thinner or tinkering is necessary. An airless electric spray gun will help you do the job in the simplest way possible. All you need to do is fill the container with paint and spray.

A minor thing to take note of is that users should move the gun horizontally rather than concentrate on a spot. Apart from that, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Anyone can hold an electric sprayer with confidence and create a beautiful finish. It’s always the first choice of numerous users, from homeowners to professional painters.

Faster Pain Delivery

Are electric spray guns any good? This is one of the most fantastic upsides proving that the device is more than good. Airless guns move faster than any sort of spray gun. If the task you are doing consumes gallons of paint, this tool will be of great assistance.

An electric painting gun is able to produce nice outputs with just one coat. Since it creates droplets of paint splashing out onto the surface, people call it the “atomized paint”.

A sprayer’s one horizontal pass is equal to a brush’s four passes. That’s why airless spraying is several times faster than rolling or brushing. It enables a huge amount of job completion in a remarkably short time.

Believe us. You can’t imagine when you have to paint your fences with a roller for hours under the burning sun; we all do with such an effective electric spray gun in this case.

Smooth Finish

Do you want a smooth finish on exterior walls or doors? An electric sprayer will give you a hand to conjure up a brush-free finish, making the surface look glass-like.

When you roll your paint on, some runs or thick paint coats may appear in random spots. On the other hand, an airless painting gun will mix the paint with air and apply it evenly onto your walls.

What Disadvantages Do They Have?


What problems may you have with an electric spray gun?

With all upsides being said, an electric spray gun has also got some notable drawbacks.

Over Spray

To begin with, when spraying, a small particle of paint doesn’t stick to the surface immediately but floats around in the air. This phenomenon is called overspray.

The bad news is, should you use a spray gun, you’ll need extra paint to complete the job – more than when using a roller/brush. Painting with an electric painting gun can save you a wealth of time but cost you tons of paint.

In particular, with a spray gun, you’ll consume 40% more paint than with a roller. That 40% may end up falling onto somewhere else around your surface. Poor paint techniques may raise the ratio to 50/50.

It is not only a waste of paint but also smudges other surrounding areas, where you don’t expect to be painted. We suggest masking off all aside surfaces before painting to fix the overspray problem.

Cleaning & Storage

Another downside of applying an airless spray gun is the weary clean-up. It may take you forever to flush every part of the spray gun, from the nozzle, paint cup to the trigger.

Particularly, cleansing the paint off the hose and pump is literally a tiring task. A roller normally takes about five minutes to clean up, whereas a spray gun requires much more.

The cleaning phase afterward is a must, though. It makes sure the sprayer will perform accurately for the next task.

So is the storage. For storing an electric sprayer, you should run a special storage fluid all over the device. This treatment will take care of the gun when it’s not in use.

What Are Electric Spray Guns Often Used For?

Most car owners would color their precious friends on their own rather than hiring a painter. And buying an electric spray gun is often their very first thought. The reason is the device is fairly affordable, and they can paint small components of a car with it.

Also, this type of sprayer is highly recommended for a house or room painting. With its uniform coverage and fast paint time, you should be able to paint four large walls in a few hours and produce a brightly even result, just like a professional contractor.

Wrapping Up

Are electric spray guns any good? If you ask, the answer is a thumbs-up. Packed with outstanding selling points, these new spray tools are about to dominate the market in popularity and sales.

We believe electric spray gun makers will soon minimize the existing setbacks and make an improvement on their products. Despite those cons, the machine is truly painters’ right-handed assistant.

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