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Are airless paint sprayers better? How to use it?

At present, airless paint sprayers appear more than traditional methods. Compressed air as well as high volume low pressure sprayers also appear to be less popular.

Especially in large areas, it is easy to see the effect of the airless paint sprayer. But, it is more common in smaller projects than the inconvenience when the space is too narrow. 

However, the reality is that using an airless paint sprayer has more benefits than you think. Stay tuned for the next content!

Are Airless Paint Sprayers Better?

The answer is Yes. Airless paint sprayers are wonderful for painting large surfaces. They can be fences, floors, shutters, walls, and ceilings. It can handle thicker and more beautiful coats than  traditional methods.

If you don’t use it properly, traditional rollers can cause streaks on the surface. Meanwhile, you can easily do it with an airless paint sprayer without spending too much time. Airless paint sprayer will give you more benefits than you expect.


1. Amazing speed

PACE research shows that airless paint sprayers can finish with incredible speed. Airless paint spraying system works with high intensity.

According to estimates, it can be four times faster than brush devices when compared with rolling devices. Airless paint sprayer has twice the speed. Therefore, an airless paint sprayer will help you save 50% to 70% of the time painting on the same surface.

2. It’s easy to move

The airless paint sprayer has a compact design. You can put it on a stroller to move on different terrains. When you’re on the go, you won’t have to work through excuses. Because the engine of this paint sprayer is usually less than one horsepower.

3. Doing not use compression method

Compressed air or high pressure sprayers use a compression method to spray paint. They make it difficult to control the amount of paint when sprayed.

The airless paint sprayer uses the method of pushing the paint through the spray nozzle. It works by pumping paint out thanks to high pressure.

High pressure will create thrust to the droplets to evenly spray the surface. You won’t have to worry about spraying too much on one spot.

4. Uniform application

Paint rollers and brushes are only suitable for painting on flat surfaces. They will not work with uneven surfaces or popcorn-effect ceilings.

An airless sprayer will deal with most surfaces whether they are flat or rough. It will create even and uniform layers of paint if you know how to handle it properly.


Airless paint sprayer will give you more benefits than you expect

How To Use Airless Paint Sprayers?

Even if you are a professional painter, you should learn some knowledge about how to use it. Using an airless paint sprayer is quite easy but also very refreshing. Using it correctly helps you achieve the effect without spending much effort and time.

Follow the instructions for use below. This ensures safe and effective use of the airless paint sprayer.

Step 1: Set up a suitable airless paint sprayer.

Setting up an airless sprayer will depend a lot on the type of airless sprayer you’re using. Usually, there are three basic things that you need to do before painting:

  • Connect spray gun and hose
  • Drain and prime sprayer
  • Protect head setting

Step 2: Prepare the appropriate surface

The most important thing when painting with an airless sprayer is to prepare the surface. You must clean and dry the interior surface that you need to paint. For exterior surfaces, you need to use a pressure washer and cleaning solution to clean.

Don’t forget to cover up non-painted fixtures like baseboards, windows, or shutters. When painting outdoors, you must pay attention to wind direction and weather.

Step 3: Spray paint correctly

First, you need to keep the distance between the spray gun and the faceplate at 12 inches. Let’s start with the edges of the surface in the top corner. Move the airless paint sprayer in a long and continuous motion. The next spray line will be at the edge of the before painted area.

If you paint too much in an area, you need to use a regular paint brush to spread and smooth the paint, notice the areas next to the window and the corners. Once finished, you must thoroughly clean the airless sprayer before storing it.

Best-Airless-paint-sprayer (1)

You need to move the airless paint sprayer in a long and continuous motion

Tips For Using An Airless Paint Sprayer

When using an airless paint sprayer, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Hold the spray gun in a direction parallel to the surface. Tilting the gun when spraying will create uneven coats of paint.
  • Use the right hose length for the sprayer.
  • Use the useful tip for the paint application in use processing.
  • Adjust pressure appropriately to avoid overspray.
  • You must spread the second coat on 50% of the previous coat.
  • Always start at the outer edges and corners.
  • Activate the gun on every move in and out.
  • Hold the spray gun 12 inches from the surface.
  • Prepare more paint because airless sprayers use more paint than rollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I rent or buy an airless sprayer?

The average cost of an airless sprayer is $200. This price is not too expensive when it brings you great utilities. You can spray paint whenever you want if you own a paint sprayer.

If you don’t want to use the sprayer frequently, the tax is a good choice. The daily rental price of an airless sprayer is about $75. Note that you will not be allowed to spray oil-based products when renting in some stores.

2. When should I use an airless sprayer?

When you need to use it for large jobs like whole houses, walls, ceiling and trims. Be careful when using it for small projects. Because the time it takes to prepare and clean up can outweigh the benefits of an airless sprayer.

Final Thoughts

Airless paint sprayers simplify painting the surfaces you need to decorate. If you want a smooth finish, an airless paint sprayer will be the perfect choice.

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