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Air vs Airless Paint Sprayer: Which One Works Best?

Painting is an intensive process and it requires more time executing to achieve the best results.

Using a paintbrush for painting the wall or anything is time-consuming. Good thing manufacturers have come up with paint sprayers that make the task a lot easier.

Paint sprayers are even good for DIY, and because you can focus on the aesthetics. You can finish the task ten times faster than doing it manually.

Comparison between Air and Airless Paint Sprayer

To know which of the two sprayers is best to use, it is essential to make a comparison. It is essential to know the features and how it works.

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 What is an airless paint sprayer?

An airless paint sprayer uses electricity and a hydraulic pump to push the paint. It uses high pressure to generate a high velocity of fluid for atomization. Expect a coarser atomization finishing.

It uses 500 to 4500 psi to achieve high fluid velocity. Thus, you can expect a speedy application that can cover enormous areas. The high velocity breaks the fluid into little droplets. With this, you can expect a fine spray.

Advantages of airless sprayer

  • Time efficiency

The best thing about using an airless paint spray is the time efficiency. You can complete a painting job faster and can cover a larger portion in a short period.

  • Even application

Using airless sprayers ensures uniform and even coating. The tiny droplets blast out by the sprayer can cover the surface without uneven marks. The best thing about using an airless paint sprayer is the paint penetrates crevices and pits of the surface.

  • Easy to use

An airless sprayer is easy to use, but it requires knowing a few techniques of achieving an excellent result in the application. There’s no need to refill the paint because you can spray the paint from the bucket.

  • Flexibility of use

Another advantage of using an airless paint sprayer is its flexibility of use. You can use it for different coatings, viscosity, and textures. Choosing the right tip is essential.

Disadvantages of airless paint spray

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  • Preparation time

The preparation time can be tiresome. But you can save more time and energy in the long run while doing an intensive painting task.

  • Paint waste

If you will use an airless paint spray, expect that more paint particles are lost during the entire process. With this, you must prepare about 40% extra paint. It also produces air pollution due to overspray.

  • Maintenance

Maintaining this type of paint sprayer requires more time, making it tedious as the preparation time. It also requires frequent maintenance so that it will function properly and serve for a longer time.

What is an air paint sprayer?

An air paint sprayer uses a turbine or a compressor to operate. It comes in different sizes, but usually handheld models. The paint is placed into the spray gun by either using pressure or gravity.

It means you can use a suction or siphon or connect the spray gun to a pressure pot. The paint leaves out the sprayer through a fluid nozzle.

Using an air paint sprayer with an air compressor uses air pressure, pushing the paint out of the spray gun. If you want to achieve variations of paints, you can use tips and extenders. It works best for furniture painting.

Advantages of using an air paint spray

  • Cost

Using paint spray with an air compressor can save you money. You need not buy rollers or brushes. It spares wasting of paint from overspray because it guarantees efficient transfer.

  • Speed

As mentioned above, this paint spray makes the task faster and easier. It is ideal for work or home purposes because the paint dries faster. This reduces the possibility for dust particles to set in.

  • Quality

If you’re after the quality of the finish, you can consider using an air paint sprayer with a compressor. This portable sprayer is an amazing tool that offers a quality finish. It prevents possible air bubbles trapped or sagging.

  • Safety

Using this paint spray ensures safety for the users. You can control the spray because it is handheld. It works well for furniture refinishing and prevents the risk of paint contamination.

Disadvantages of using an air paint spray

  • Multiple spray

Using an air paint spray is a bit expensive because you may use more paint. It is because the coating is thinner once sprayed and requires several coatings to achieve the desired thickness.

Air Paint Spray or Airless Paint Spray: Which is Better?

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Portability is a significant difference between air and airless paint sprayer. It is a bit annoying to use an air sprayer because it requires an air supply. Thus, you need to bring along a compressor whenever you have a painting project.

With the application, the air paint sprayer is ideal for painting doors, molding, cabinets, and other furniture. The airless paint sprayer is better for thicker paints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often to clean an airless sprayer

A. It is recommended to clean the sprayer every after use to prevent drying of paint inside. Make sure to clean everything, including the gun, tip, housing, and filters. If you had to use latex paint, you can use water to clean the sprayer. Mineral spirits will work best for oil-based paint, and lacquer thinner for lacquer paint.

Q. What is the function of the gun filter?

A. The gun filter serves as a strainer to get rid of the debris before spraying the paint. Otherwise, if the debris reaches the tip, it may cause clogging or downtime. It is essential to ensure the filtering of the paint so that the debris would not send to the wall.

Q. How to choose the right paint sprayer?

A. When deciding about the right paint sprayer to use, you should consider some factors including:

  • The result of the finish
  • Speed of application
  • The paint to use
  • Amount of paint to use
  • The surface

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When doing a painting job, it is essential to think about the time and expenses. Using a paintbrush and roller would consume much time.

To avoid wasting more time, the best thing to do is to use a paint sprayer. But you must know which paint sprayer to use. You can choose between air vs airless paint sprayer. The information discussed above will help you make the right decision.